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Clearing: What's the next step?


As A-Level results and clearing become hot topics, you might be wondering what options are available. We’re taking a look at the benefits of training, and the steps you can take if your plans don’t involve university.

Finding out you haven’t got into university, or if university just isn’t on your radar, it doesn’t have to mean bad news. For one thing, you’ve avoided the pressure of astronomical student loan repayments (the BBC recently estimated student debt to be over £50k*) which most people spend their working life repaying. And rather than pouring over books for 3 years, you can spend this time accruing the experience and practical knowledge that employers are looking for.

Experience > Degree

The reality of the job market is that employers aren’t always looking for candidates with a degree; it just doesn’t hold the brevity in the workplace that it once did. More employers are looking to experienced candidates to fill roles, as practical knowledge trumps university**.

Why is this? More often than not, when recruiting, employers are looking for a ‘quick win’. It can be costly to businesses to invest time in training, so some look for the ‘instant win’ -  a candidate with the practical, working knowledge and experience to get instantly stuck in to working life.

In an average lifetime we spend a total of 12 years working*** – scary huh?! With all that time taken up in the workplace, surely you’d want to spend your working days doing something you actually enjoy?

Turn your passion into a career

If you do what you love, you’ll love what you do.

Killing it in the gym? Thought about becoming a Personal Trainer? Passionate about helping people? Have you thought about a career in social care? Eyebrows and mani on point? Beauty therapy could be for you! Love all things technical? Why not pursue a career in IT?

We have a variety of training courses available to help you master the skills you need to get noticed by employers, without going to university. We provide qualifications that help you stand out from the crowd – from becoming a Level 4 Personal Trainer in little more than 4 months, to qualifying as a Web Developer in 3 months, there’s a course to suit your career objectives in a timeframe that rivals going to uni.

Unlike traditional higher education routes, we’re not going to get you qualified and leave you high and dry. Our dedicated team are on hand from the moment you enrol to help you polish your CV, and match you with our leading corporate partners who have jobs ready and waiting for our graduates. We also have funding options, because we believe financial constraints shouldn’t stop you achieving something amazing.

Learn more about our courses in Health & Fitness or IT or Events & Tourism and discover your options beyond A-Level results!

The Training Room | 03/08/2017 09:00:00

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