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Keeping your Children Entertained while Staying at Home


Though this year may not be exactly how any of us intended, there is still no reason why it can't be enjoyable! With the children out of school, you need to maintain their entertainment levels and keep them occupied while being stuck indoors. We have put together a list of activities that you could do while staying at home. 

1. Try a new hobby  

With the time you now have on your hands why don't you encourage your children to learn a new hobby; this can be from learning a new instrument, creating crafts, baking or even jewellery making. Just make sure to keep it enjoyable, don't enforce them because it will cause a lack of motivation for them to want to learn and will potentially start to feel like a chore.  

If you are thinking about starting a new hobby, like jewellery making, and aren't sure how to teach your children, there are plenty of online short courses or self-help books that will be able to assist. You may even discover a hobby you weren't even aware was a thing.  

​2. Cooking and Baking  

Using the food in your cupboards, you can get the children involved in daily cooking and baking. Not only can they help you make the food, but it will result in delicious treats and meals. Further to this, it’s a great skill for your children to learn. If you have more than one child make it fun by doing a cook-off and set up a mini master chef competition, that will get the excitement levels up.  

We know that ingredients are difficult to get, so why not check out our blog on some easy recipes you can make from non-perishable foods. 

3. Bedroom Makeover  

Let them get their creativity going with a bedroom makeover. This can include building pillow forts, allow them to put art all over their room or to fill a wall. If you going to get paint involved, make sure you are supervising.  

4. Board Games / Make your own games  

A very easy way to stay entertained and getting the whole family involved is board games or puzzles. Organise board game days and let the children choose what game they want to play. An alternative to this is creating your own board game; it can be as easy as using some old card and some pens. A quick search online will give you and your children some great inspiration. 

5. Learn Online 

With some children being more developed in using digital platforms, why not let your children use their screen time to learn. There are many free resources that will allow your children to learn online, from coding to maths or maybe even a new language.  

6. Getting Creative 

Being creative means being free with your mind, colouring in, going on adventures and playing games. Though you can spend this time helping you children learn, remember we all need breaks, even children, so use this time to let them be kids. Why not download and print free simple colouring in images online. 

7. Gardening 

Even some chores us adults may find tiring; children love getting involved in activities such as garden. from weeding to planting new seeds and helping them grow, let your children get outside with you for some fun. Go that extra step and create a special patch all for your children to grow and nurture plants or vegetables of their own. 

The Training Room | 17/04/2020 09:00:00

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