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Easy Recipes to Use with Non-perishable Foods

We recently discussed some of the top foods to boost your immune system and keep your body healthy – particularly during the lockdown. In support of that piece, we took a look at what healthy recipes you can create with all the non-perishable foods you have laying around.

Pasta salad
Ingredients: Any cooked pasta, tinned tuna, mayonnaise, tinned sweetcorn (can replace for frozen sweetcorn and/or peppers), lettuce (if you have it), season to taste.

A nutritious, easy meal containing a good source of protein, vegetables and omega 3 – with ingredients that can all be found in your food cupboard! With summer approaching and the country heating up, you may end up keeping this cool, refreshing meal on your weekly meal list.

Top tip: substitute tuna for any other canned fish or, if you don’t eat fish, why not try adding nuts?
Veggie bowl
Ingredients: Chickpeas and/or lentils and/or any type of bean you have, rice, cheese, tinned sweetcorn, tinned carrots, frozen peppers/onions, season to taste.

The above ingredients are the bulk of this dish; however the beauty of the veggie bowl is that, dependent on what you have laying around the kitchen determines the type of cuisine! Got some salsa that’s been sitting in the cupboard? You’re having Mexican! Have a few sachets of teriyaki sauce? Make it Japanese! Cumin, coriander, turmeric? Curry time!

Top tip: This is a great way to use up any pulses and beans you may have laying around. Chickpeas, lentils and many type of bean will go well in a veggie bowl.
Egg and veg noodles
Ingredients: dry noodles, egg (if you have it, use chickpeas/lentils if no egg), any frozen/canned veg, soy sauce, season to taste.

This is a really easy dish which can be made in under 15 minutes. Partially cook the noodles then whack all the ingredients in a wok (or a pan) – serve hot! And we bet the strong majority of you will have all these ingredients in your cupboard.

Top tip: For an even tastier noodle dish, use fresh egg noodles and add a healthy dose of sweet chilli.
Ingredients: Tortillas, frozen onion and pepper, a clove/teaspoon garlic, kidney beans, jalapenos, season to taste.

Providing you have either kidney or black (or any other type) beans, then this recipe is another quick, easy meal to make with common household foods. Again, this dish is very customisable and you can add cheese, spices or even meat/fish if you have some!
Your Special Blend
Ingredients: Your imagination!

With these special circumstances, we know that most of us don’t currently have the luxury of having our regular foods in the kitchen. When it comes to your meals, why not embrace the uniqueness of the situation and get creative!

Top tip: Staples of meals include pasta, rice, potatoes, pulses and vegetables. As long as you have at least one of these, you can add in pretty much anything you fancy! You never know, you might conjure up a meal that remains on your weekly meals list for years to come.
Finally, don’t be afraid to get creative: you’ll be surprised what healthy, nutritious meals you can make with common household goods. Why not mix beans, rice and chopped tomatoes? Whack in a few spices, canned veg and maybe a bit of cheese? You’ve got a nice, tomato-based, protein-filled rice dish!

Got any recommendations of easy meals to make with non-perishable food? Get in touch with us on social media and let us know!

The Training Room | 27/04/2020 09:00:00

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