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Building the skills to shape your future

There are any number of reasons why you may be prompted to change your career path. Whether you’re a school leaver, starting again after maternity leave, or adjusting to life after being in the military, getting into the workforce or returning to work after a break can be daunting.
Maybe you are in a job and looking for ways to develop your professional qualifications. Maybe it’s about learning new skills, applying for an apprenticeship or getting a part-time job to bridge a financial gap. Whatever the reason, there are so many options that are waiting for you. But taking steps towards that change can really push you out of your comfort zone.
It’s easy to start looking for opportunities and feel overwhelmed by the qualifications that are expected from applicants. “The educational landscape and getting the ‘job of your dreams’, as a result of tackling those qualifications to get you there, can at times seem impossible and unobtainable”, explains Andrew Powell, expert careers advisor and CEO of The Training Room.
The important thing to remember is that there are plenty of opportunities to develop skills; opportunities that are compatible with your family commitments and schedule.
If you are good with a computer, you can look at the free and low-cost online courses offered by Alison or Udemy, or free tutorials on YouTube. These are a great way to build confidence and keep your mind on your goal if you are still not sure what you would like to learn in the longer term.
If you have never sent an email in your life and would like to become familiar with the world of tech, you can look into computer literacy courses offered at your local library or evening classes if your local further education institute offers them.

Building-the-skills-to-shape-your-future-Quote-01.png“But you have to want it! Really want it!”, explains Andrew. “You must start to take accountability for where you are in life and if life isn’t living up to your expectations, then you have to change something. The great news is that you can change your future, if you take personal accountability for doing so”.
Outside of traditional routes into the job market there is also ‘vocational education leading to employment’.
“If traditional avenues into work are not for you and you want to get that career, but never thought it possible, well it is”, continues Powell. “The UK market has many educational and careers providers who work with employers to get you trained and work-ready across industries you may have thought would never be obtainable to you”.
Managing personal finances and confidence to take the first steps seem to be a deciding factor in whether people make changes to their current situations. “You have options,” insists Powell, “all you need to do is get up and make it happen”.

courses-to-shape-your-future-01-01.pngPassionate about getting talent into work, Andrew believes that everyone can achieve their dreams if they want it badly enough and if they work hard enough to achieve it. Having grown up in a very run-down area of South Wales, Andrew found his route out of relative poverty by joining the military at sixteen years of age. After serving for several years with the British Special Forces, he developed an interest in business and was also the Chief Operating Officer of a FTSE 250 company before he took on his current role.
Interacting with talented people across an age spectrum has enabled Andrew to pinpoint the key factors that hold people back from achieving their true potential. Guiding people to take the necessary steps to transform their lives is a key aspect in helping to drive this change.

The important thing to remember is that there are plenty of opportunities to develop skills.
Andrew says “If you want to get back on track, remember...
  • There are no excuses. This is your life. Make the most of it and follow your dreams
  • Never let anyone tell you that “you can’t”. You can do anything if you are motivated enough and want something badly enough
  • If traditional educational paths and routes to employment are not for you, research online to find a career that you are passionate about and if you are not qualified for that job do more research and find a training provider who can help
  • Do not allow the hurdle of affordability stop you. There is always a way
  • Do not compromise. This is your life. This is your career
  • You will spend more than half of your life in work. Make sure you are doing something that you are passionate about and that makes you happy.”
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The Training Room | 25/04/2019 11:00:00

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