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With news hitting the press this week that over 30 private training providers, colleges and councils are being stung with a notice of concern or serious breach for falling below the threshold for unsatisfactory achievement rates, we reflect on the importance of high quality education within the learning provider’s sphere.

With more and more people stepping away from traditional higher education paths (especially as University fees continue to skyrocket), it is now even easier for people to access high quality courses that equip them with the qualifications to succeed in any chosen industry. Those who choose to pursue this alternative avenue can find themselves highly qualified within a matter of months and scoring their dream job in no time; however, without adequate support, is it that easy to score the dream job because of that new qualification?

The impact of an end to end training service can prove the real difference between success in industry and, well, failure to pursue a relevant career. To put you ahead of the game, hands on support is a crucial component to student success.

The recipe for success is as simple as thorough tutor support throughout the course, through to access to a proactive career support team during the learning journey and beyond. With students looking to qualify in a relevant industry, it’s more important than ever to give a helping hand into employment too, as success isn’t just based on a qualification alone.

The Training Room’s CEO, Andrew Powell, holds student support at the core of their success:

‘As the training sphere continues to dilute itself, we believe more than ever in our ethos of supporting our students throughout their learning process, and beyond. Although fantastic, it’s not enough to solely give tutor support during a course.

We believe in giving help to our graduates into employment wherever possible – it’s critical for student success to assist with the next step into employment: support doesn’t end with a certificate and a ‘good-luck’, it’s the culmination of thorough course and career support.’

In light of recent events, it would seem that now, more than ever, is the time to embrace full service training support to get the job you deserve.

For more information on the breach highlighted by the Government, and the 35 learning providers hit with notice of serious breach, read more here.


Global Administrator | 19/04/2017 10:47:14

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