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Revision Tips for Success

Your success during an exam depends mainly on how well you prepare. While it is completely normal to feel anxiety as you begin to tackle your revision pile, here at The Training Room, we have put together the following revision tips to help you achieve the results you want!

Get A Head Start On Revision

One of the best ways to succeed is by getting a head start on your revision, as it has many benefits. For example, by getting a head start on your revision that’s supplemented through a realistic revision plan, you can ensure that you are able to study all the relevant material that could be on your exams.

We all know how stressful it can be to cram your brain the night before an exam. By getting a head start on your revision, you can benefit from studying at your own pace.

More importantly, by getting a head start on your revision, you can also allow yourself time for exercises such as working through past papers or revising in a study group which means that you can bounce off ideas with others. All of which helps with boosting your confidence as you go into the exam room on the day!

Get Some Exercise In!

A great way to prepare yourself is by getting some exercise in! Physical activity such as going for a run, heading to the gym or even simply going for a walk can play a huge role in helping you feel prepared. Through exercise, you can increase your heart rate, which ultimately has the positive effect of faster blood circulation. Ultimately, what this means is that your brain gets more oxygen leading to increased productivity and reduced fatigue and stress.

Find Your Spot

Finding a revision spot that nurtures a space of learning can be the deciding factor in broken interrupted learning or hours of solid revision. Often overlooked, a great tip for achieving the results you want in your exams is finding a spot where you can comfortably revise for hours on end. An excellent way to find the right spot for you is to try some places before selecting your favourite; just remember the lesser the distractions, the better!

A few good places, to begin with, could be your bedroom, the local library or even your favourite study room at school. If you are completing your exams online, an excellent spot to take the exam is essential to success. 

There’s Time For Reward Yourself

Remember when we said that getting a head start on revision has many benefits? Well, one particular benefit of getting a head start on your revision that’s supplemented through a realistic revision plan is that you can reward yourself with breaks! Although there is a lot of work to do, by being organised, you can create a sense of balance during a hectic period which will go a long way in helping you achieve the results you want!

By rewarding yourself with fun breaks after a day’s worth of revision, such as hanging out with family, heading to the cinema or even preparing your exam snacks, you will be making sure that your brain doesn’t get too burned out.

If You’re Going To Snack, Snack Right!

A very common mistake students make is that they begin to start snacking badly on crisps, energy drinks, and even pizza to keep their energy up! Not only is this unhealthy, but in the short-term, it can really affect your performance! Our diet can play a critical role in how the brain responds to new information, so if you’re going to snack, snack right!

A few exam period snacks include vegetables and fruits containing much-needed minerals and vitamins, snacks such as peanut butter, which contains healthy fats and protein, can keep your brain going for longer! However, if you want to get creative with your exam snacks, then you can try out snacks such as apple sandwiches with almond and granola to roasted chickpeas.

Think Positive

Our last revision tip for success is to simply think positive. Not only will thinking positively about the outcome of your exams reduce stress and anxiety, but it will also go a long way in helping you feel relaxed on the day!

Let The Training Room Help You

For further revision tips during exam season, you can check out our other blog here.

Remember, at the end of the day, if things don’t go your way during exam season, other options can help you achieve your dreams, such as training courses. At The Training Room, we are here to help you realise your goals, so why not visit our website or give us a call to help you get started.

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