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Skincare Essentials - What You Need To Know

Ever spent an age perfecting your makeup only for it to look patchy, flaky or peeling?! That’s because flawless makeup starts with great foundations. Your look shouldn’t start when you reach for the makeup brush - you should be prepping your skin before to achieve a perfect look.
Want your makeup to last longer, look better and turn heads? Here are our skincare essentials for beautifully prepared skin.


OK, so this one might seem painfully obvious, but it’s best to apply makeup on freshly cleaned skin. Have naturally dry skin? Stick to a cream cleanser that cleans whilst moisturising.  Oily skin? Opt for a gel or foam cleanser. If you’ve got sensitive skin, look for cleansers that are based on plant oils – they’re kinder to delicate skin. Look out for cleansers with salicylic acid or tea tree if you suffer from pimples and breakouts.

Check your technique
Using warm water helps to open pores and draw out impurities – rinse your face before massaging your cleanser into your skin. Rub into your skin with your fingertips in circular motions for around 30 seconds – rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a clean towel. Seal the deal with an alcohol-free toner. Ta da! You’re ready for the next step!

Prepare your skin by applying the lightest product first. A serum will deliver active ingredient deep into your pores – it’s most effective when you put it on first. So, if you choose a thin formula, like a serum, be sure to smooth this onto your skin before a moisturiser.

Have oily skin and think you don’t need to moisturise? Think again! Massage your moisturiser in an upwards and outwards motion for dreamy soft skin.

Want a flawless coverage for your foundation? Enter primer to save the day! Primer is great, but it can’t save a bad cleansing routine. A good primer keeps your base in place, helps to refine pores and tackles spots and oiliness.
Still in the dark when it comes to skincare essentials? Learn to prepare your skin for makeup from a professional – come along to our Makeup Roadshow with Celeb Makeup Artist Hayley Sparkes!

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The Training Room | 27/10/2017 09:00:00

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