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10 Tips for The Perfect #Squad #Sellfie

Go to your camera roll. Find the last time your squad was in one place and snapped a selfie. Now take a minute to look over it. Chances are Carla’s got her eyes shut, Jamie’s head is missing from the frame and Emily’s looking the wrong way. It probably took you at least 30 attempts to even get to that stage.
Sound familiar? Nailing the perfect #Squad #Selfie isn’t easy – it’s reliant on the right lighting, a good angle, fab filters and everyone’s selfie face aligning in perfect harmony (and what are the chances of that happening?!). Our 10 tips will help you achieve the perfect #Squad #Selfie – let’s get snapping!

1. Grab your #Squad1-squad-1.jpg
It’s not a #Squad #Selfie without your squad! Get everyone together in a spot with good lighting and an insta-worthy background.

2. Final touch ups2-final-touch-up.jpg
Lippy applied, ‘brows on point, lashes looking fleek? You’re ready to shoot.  

3. Pick your best side
Let’s be honest, everyone’s got one. Perfect your head tilt, look to the lens and slightly raise your eyebrows to make your eyes look wider. You’ll thank us later.

4. Designated photographer
There’s always a friend who’s got pic-taking down to a fine art – they’re either blessed with long limbs, angle the camera high or are the first to suggest the #Squad #Selfie. Keep this friend close – expert selfie photographers are hard to find.

5. Get snapping
Make sure your squad’s in frame and start snapping! Mix it up with smiling selfies, pouty poses and silly faces – decide whether you need flash/no flash (usually no flash FYI😊).

6. Review your good work

Give your #Squad #Selfie the final review – make sure Carla’s eyes are open, Jamie’s in frame and Emily’s eyes are front and centre.

7. Repeat steps 4-5
Strong selfie game takes some practice, hey we’re all human. Unless you’ve taken tips from the selfie queen herself (holla Kimmy K), you’ll probably need to repeat steps 4 and 5. Don’t sweat it.

8. Squad approved
Are the squad happy with the finished result? Then it’s ready for social.

9. 'Gram spam
Get it in the group WhatsApp and start the ‘gram spam! Adjust the light balance and add a banging filter. Mayfair anyone?

10. Perfect the caption and tag your #squad

#Squad #Selfie #SorryNotSorry. Yaasssss you’ve nailed the #Squad #Selfie!

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The Training Room | 25/10/2017 09:00:00

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