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The Most Bizarre Beauty Trends of 2015

Bubble nails with blue stars
Every year we are welcomed by the latest and most bizarre beauty trends to sweep across catwalks and beauty blogs.

We’ve all fallen victim to these quirky trends at one time or another, but below we’ve rounded together the top 5 bizarre beauty trends of 2015.

1. Clown Contouring

We are all familiar with contouring, thanks to the Kardashians. However, along with strobing, baking and henna contouring, the world of illusion make-up has taken a bizarre turn; clown contouring.

Clown contouring first began when American beauty blogger BellaDeLune produced a tongue in cheek make-up tutorial, mocking viewers that had criticised her makeup. However, viewers were so impressed with the end result she created a real tutorial.

Although it has been exaggerated, clown contouring reveals the same perfected and defined results as the usual process of contouring, but with a little added fun.

2. Dyed Under Arm Hair

This is maybe one of the most bizarre beauty trends of 2015. However this quirky trend soon became a feminist movement, leading to the women who followed the trend, becoming more natural with their body hair.

They began to push against the beauty regime conformities women are expected to follow. They planned to stop hairy armpits from becoming such a social taboo for women, and what better way to highlight them then dye them a funky colour.

3. Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

Fuller lips have been big this year, especially with young girls idolising the fuller lip created by Kylie Jenner. Unfortunately this led to the beginning of the #KylieJennerChallenge, where girls were using shot glasses over the lips, and using suction to make them bigger. However, this left most teens with swollen lips that were sometimes bruised for days.

4. Bubble Nails

Bubble nails are the latest craze to hit social media sites such as Instagram. Bubble nails are created using acrylic, but are developed with a much greater thickness than normal.

The nails are usually decorated with a bright colour or pattern, helping them to get more noticed.

5. Panda Eyes

The smokey eye has always been a great beauty trend helping to define and contour the eye; creating a more glamorous look. However, hitting the fashion catwalk this season is the panda eye.

The panda eye is similar to the smokey eye, just a little messier, less blending and no sculpting or graduating. The trick is in the name, the makeup trick literally looks like a panda eye, with no shape, flick or shades to it. Just one solid colour applied all around the eye.

So there you have it the most bizarre beauty trends of 2015. Although some have had little effect on everyday beauty, some have in fact evolved in becoming a positive and inspiring message which reaches outside the border of just beauty.

We look forward to see what 2016 will bring for new and quirky beauty trends. In the meantime, start making an impact on the beauty sphere by taking one of our Beauty Therapy Courses.

Global Administrator | 14/10/2015 12:25:17

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