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What Qualifications Do I Need To Be A Beauty Therapist?

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With so much information available on the internet it can often be difficult to know exactly what qualifications you need to break into an industry of skilled professionals.

The beauty therapy industry is no different and for those of us who are interested in finding a route into the trade, it can often be difficult to know exactly where to start.

Upon deciding that you want a career in the beauty and wellbeing industry you have probably thought about what appeals to you in particular about the industry.

Perhaps it is a love of makeovers, manicures and massages which makes the idea of becoming a Beauty Therapist seem like a pleasing career choice. Alternatively you could have a passion for helping people to look and feel their best.

According to Plotr you should be a ‘girlie girl’, who considers ‘no false eyelash a chore’, have a passion for the latest beauty products and trends and enjoy doing your friends’ hair, makeup and nails.

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to become a Beauty Therapist, The Training Room is here to help connect you with the opportunity of your dream career with our internationally recognised courses, guaranteed interviews and career support for up to three years after you register for your course.

The ITEC Level 2 & 3 Qualifications in Beauty Therapy

The Training Room’s beauty therapy course covers both the ITEC Level 2 Diploma in Beauty Therapy Treatments and the ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Beauty Therapy.

The ITEC qualifications are globally recognised and respected within the beauty and wellbeing industry.

As stated by the National Careers Service a Level 2 or 3 qualification is needed in order to enter the industry.

With The Training Room’s beauty course you will qualify with the ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Advanced Beauty Therapy, meaning that you will enter at the highest entry level, giving you an advantage when applying for jobs within the beauty sector.

The courses which we follow for our Beauty Therapist qualifications, as already aforementioned are ITEC diplomas which are HABIA approved and internationally recognised.

In addition we will also put you through a one-day CPD course, GelColor by OPI, to give you the edge when applying for jobs within the industry.

What Areas In Beauty Do The Qualifications Cover?

You can see more about what the ITEC Level 2 & 3 cover here, but as an overview:

The ITEC Level 2 prepares you to carry out and deliver beauty therapy treatments; from the basics of makeup application, hair removal, manicure and pedicures, to stocking the salon and carrying out correct health and safety practices in the workplace.

The ITEC Level 3 focuses on more advanced techniques such as massage (body, hot stone and Indian head), microdermabrasion, threading and client communication.

Our GelColor by OPI CPD course enables you to learn how to use GelColor by OPI in order to treat, enhance and maintain your clients’ nails.

As part of all of our beauty therapy courses we’ll give you a HABIA approved beauty kit, giving you all the tools you need to succeed as a successful Beauty Therapist.

And Once You’re Qualified In Beauty Therapy, What Comes Next?

That’s when the fun really begins!

The Training Room will, of course, guarantee you an interview with one of our partners and provide you with careers support for three years; but what can you expect?

Well the possibilities really are endless, from working on cruise ships to spas and salons, as a Beauty Therapist you can find work in many places, in this country and abroad.

For more information about where a qualification in beauty therapy could take you, check out our blog here.

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We’d love to help you on your way to becoming a Beauty Therapist! For more information about our beauty therapy courses click here and fill out an enquiry form, then sit back and wait and we’ll be in touch shortly!

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