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How Beauty School Can Help You Find A Successful Career

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In 2008 the UK was experiencing a period of recession, industries and our economy overall was shrinking, spending was less and a lot of businesses were hit financially. However, the beauty industry fared surprisingly well, experiencing a period of growth.

In fact, some have gone so far as to name the beauty industry ‘recession proof’ - resistant to periods of economic downturn.

That was in 2008, but what about the beauty industry in a post-brexit Britain? Economists, it will come as no surprise, have predicted widespread financial chaos across industries...but when it comes to beauty? Well, you may be surprised!

It was reported in the telegraph that in the 3 days following the announcement of brexit last year Treatwell, the online beauty booking service, saw a 40% increase in bookings compared to the same period last year with Gel manicures and waxing proving to be the most popular services.

Furthermore, ‘The Lipstick Index’ - a phrase which was coined back in the 2001 recession - has, according to some reporters ‘well and truly kicked in’ - where instead of looking after the pennies, we have been seeking affordable luxuries, namely cosmetics.

So Why Go To Beauty School?

In a period of economic downturn there are always doubts about changing career - however, as aforementioned the beauty industry has stood it’s ground on this one.

Figures from HABIA show that the beauty industry is worth around £6.2 billion to the UK economy, HABIA also report that there are around 20.5% of salons with vacancies, 12.4% of these are due to skill shortages.

In short there has really never been a better time to explore the opportunities which the beauty industry has to offer; you could be pleasantly surprised by the rewards which you can reap by following this particular avenue. In fact, you could discover the many benefits of attending a beauty therapy training academy!

The Benefits of Studying to Become a Beauty Therapist

We’re passionate about connecting people with meaningful careers and helping them to fulfil their dreams and that’s why our fully comprehensive beauty courses give you all the tools and knowledge that you need to go straight into the industry after qualifying.

The benefits of taking a beauty course with The Training Room include the following:

More about becoming a Beauty Therapist with The Training Room can be found in our beauty blog .

Do You Want To Make Your Career ‘Recession Proof’?

If you are interested in a career in beauty then you can call one of our friendly advisors who will give you all the information you need about taking the first step on your journey! Or, if you rather you can simply fill in a form on our website and we’ll call you!

Take the first step towards your forever career with The Training Room today!

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