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So What is the Best Hair Removal Method For You?

Hair Removal
The Training Room’s Ambassador, Dal Dhaliwal investigates the pros and cons of the different methods of hair removal to see which one suits you the best.

There are many different methods available for hair removal. These include; shaving, waxing, laser and more. Most women try different methods to remove unwanted facial or body hair and a hair removal method is part of their regular beauty routine. But it can be a bit overwhelming to decide on the method that is right for you. So what is the best and effective way to remove unwanted hair?

Here are some of the most popular methods of hair removal for women:

Shaving Legs with Razor

Shaving is a process where the hair is cut off at the skin’s surface. This can be done by using an electric shaver or a razor. It’s inexpensive and an effective way to remove unwanted hair and if done carefully can be painless. This is only a short- term hair removal method. Shaving may get rid of hair for a few days but does not remove the hair from the root. The regrowth is quicker and due to the way the hair is cut it can regrow as stubble and appear coarser. However, shaving can cause ingrown hairs which is something to consider if you are susceptible to these.


Depilatory creams are hair removal chemical-based creams. They are a good alternative to shaving or waxing. The cream works by dissolving and breaking the protein that make up the hair structure, but do not remove the hair root. This is a quick painless method to remove hair and relatively inexpensive. The regrowth is slower than shaving. However, some of these creams have an unpleasant smell and can be messy to use. If these creams are left on the skin too long they may cause a reaction, itching or a burning sensation. It is crucial to follow the instructions and to do a patch test before use.

Waxing Legs with Wax Strips

Waxing is a method where hair is removed by using warm wax. The area of unwanted hair is covered by warm sticky wax and removed by strips of cloth or paper. The strips are quickly removed taking the hair, from the hair follicle with them. This can be done on any part of the body, the face, legs, underarms and bikini area. This method works well for those with dark or coarse hair. Waxing weakens hair; therefore, regrowth can become less over time. The hair will not grow back stubbly or coarse. Waxing can be painful and can cause redness, bumps and ingrown hairs.


Laser hair removal and electrolysis can offer a permanent solution to unwanted hair. Electrolysis involves inserting a fine needle into the hair shaft to destroy the cells that produce the hair. Laser hair removal involves the hair root being destroyed by beams of light. Laser hair removal is a most effective way to have long-term hair reduction. Electrolysis and laser hair removal can be painful and can be expensive. Both these methods are not always suited to all skin types and possible side effects are swelling, redness, burning or scarring.

It is important to note that hair growth can vary in women over time due to many factors; including age and a change in hormones, so you may need to change your method of hair removal to suit you at particular times of your life.

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