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Your Guide To: The Perfect Manicure Infographic

Looking to achieve the perfect manicure? Look no further! Our 6 easy steps will help you achieve polished perfection every time! Get ready for envious glances...

Your Guide to The Perfect Manicure

There are 6 easy steps to creating the perfect manicure:

1. Prep the nail - trim and file your nails so they're the perfect lenth and shape before you start

2. Fresh beginnings - old nail varnish holding you back? Remove any existing nail polish and apply cuticle oil to the cuticle and massge in gently. Use a cuticle stick to push back the cuticle and lengthen your nail-bed

Top Tip: Remove excess cuticle oil with a small amount of nail varnish remover. 

3. Get buff - buff the nail with a buffing block, this provides a slightly rough surface for the nail varnish to adhere to. It means your manicure will last longer too!

4. Strokes - dip your nail brush in the varnish and clear off the excess. Sweep one stroke up the centre of the nail to the tip. Using the rest of the nail varnish, sweep up from the left side of the nail and repeat on the right side ensuring all parts of the nail are coated in polish. 

5. Repeat - repeat step 4 until your nail polish is evenly applied and a solid colour. 2-3 coats is usually enough.

6. Shine bright - add a top coat to give your mani a dazzling shine and make it last longer without chipping!

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