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Why Become a Beauty Therapist – Benefits of Working in a Salon

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So you’re on your way to be a Beauty Therapist - Dal Dhaliwal, The Training Room Ambassador gives you the low down of using your qualification and working in a salon.

Once qualified as a Beauty Therapist the career opportunities are endless. The career path you choose will depend on what appeals to you the most. You can work employed in a salon or run your own home or mobile business, working hours which suit you. Once qualified some beauty therapists choose to go down the self-employed route whereas many work in a salon or cruise liners. Some career options may be more appealing than others, depending on your age, life experience, personality and long term career goals.

The Beauty industry is growing and a beauty career offers huge potential of employment, variety and earning security. As with many careers you will need to start at the bottom but you can progress and rise very quickly. The possibilities and opportunities are huge.


Regular Salary

Getting a job in a beauty salon provides you with a stable 9-5 environment - you will get paid weekly or a monthly wage. This offers security and a guaranteed income. Working employed within a salon environment offers you the opportunity to learn from others and will help you to build up real hands on experience from working with customers. It is also a good place to start and build a client base, as clients tend to stay loyal in the same way they would with a hairdresser.

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Benefit from the salons promotion and marketing

In a salon you can get to meet more people and this gives you the opportunity to build up your clientele and base of regular clients. Most often the salon business will be responsible for promoting and marketing, therefore you don’t have to worry about ‘finding’ clients yourself – which is something you would have to do if you were self- employed and had your own salon business. Being self-employed can require extra work to ensure your client base continues to build, in order to guarantee a steady income.

Use the salon’s specialist equipment

If you work as a self-employed beauty therapist you will have to provide your own products and deal with taxes etc. The benefit of being employed is that the salon will provide the products and train you on their particular product range and specialist equipment that they may use for treatments. This will help you build up your experience and expertise.

Work regular hours

If you are working in a smaller salon you are likely to work regular hours. High street salons in larger cities and towns maybe busier then smaller ones and some may open late in the evening – so you may be expected to work a few late evenings too.

The Training Room Salon

Being an employed or self-employed beauty Therapist both have their benefits, but it all depends on what option is right for you. As a qualified beauty therapist the earning potential is unlimited. This depends on how many hours you wish to work and where you decide to work. It is a career that can provide endless opportunities.

To find out how you can learn more about becoming a Beauty Therapist, click here to find out more.

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