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Your Career in the Beauty Industry

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You’ve done all the hard work, you’ve taken your exams and you’ve got your qualification in Beauty Therapy. Now what?

What Kind Of Career Could I Choose?

Now that you’re qualified there is, quite literally, a whole world of options open to you. The industry is growing, more treatments are being developed and there is now a growing demand for skilled therapists and clinicians like you.

You could work for a company or organisation, or you could become self-employed. You can stay in the UK or you could take your skills all over the world – it all depends on what you want. Here are just some of the choices available to you:

Salon Manager – You could open your own salon store or even set up a mobile salon and work for yourself. This gives you the opportunity to build something for yourself and be your own person.

Freelance Beauty Consultant – Offer your specialist services to companies and the public on a freelance basis and get the opportunity to work from home. This option gives you a lot of freedom to build up a varied and exciting client base.

Tutor – You might wish to pass on your new-found knowledge to others and become a tutor in a school, university or training academy like The Training Room.

Specialist – If you find a passion and talent for a particular technical specialism, such as laser treatment, you could become a technician in that area and hone your skills.

Hotel Spas, Salons, Health Farms – These industries are all growing and require people like you with the expertise to offer customers the best experience.

Film & TV – The film & TV industries need make-up artists and hair stylists just like you to help them keep their cast and crew looking their best.

Destination Resorts & Cruise Ships – Health Spas are a key feature of all luxury cruise ships and holiday resorts and they all need qualified beauty therapists like you. You could take your skills all over the world, meet new people and learn new things; the possibilities are endless.

What Could I Expect To Earn?

Depending on which options you choose, a beauty therapist’s income can vary. As a rough guide, entry-level positions in salons and spas could start you at a fairly low income between £10,000 and £15,000 per year with opportunities to move up through the ranks over time. However, therapists with their own salon can expect over £20,000 or more if they build up a loyal client base. Lecturers and tutors can also expect in excess of £20,000, and even £30,000 for a senior position.

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