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Your Festival Beauty Routine Covered!

festival-beauty-routine-01.pngWhen summer hits we’ve basically got one thing on our minds: the upcoming festivals of course! With the great British weather often taking a turn for the worse, the need for the perfect products, tips and tricks is more important than anything else. Thanks to late nights, all day dancing and more fizzy pop than you should probably consume (or something stronger!) you might need a little help with beauty hacks to help freshen you up for another day of it.

Bouncy hair and fresh skin can be achieved if you pack smartly with products that take you through from day to night. Whether you’re hitting Creamfields, Reading and Leeds, Isle of Wight or Bestival, we’ve got some ultimate survival tips to get you packing and looking incredible!

Dry Shampoo
dry-shampoo-01.pngIt’s a festival staple (and often a life saver during the week too!): dry shampoo is your hair’s best friend for the festy weekend. Combat greasy, limp and flat hair with a few sprays of dry shampoo. Sure, it’s hard to achieve that freshly washed feeling without actually washing your hair, but this hack is sure to make you feel tons better.

Top tip: the more you spray, the clumpier the residue. Make each spritz of your dry shampoo brief so it lightly coats your hair, ridding it of oil and without weighing it down!

Fake Tan
Get yourself festival ready with an all over glow that looks as good as the real thing! Book your tan appointment within a few days of the festival to give it a chance to settle and look fresh all weekend! Don’t forget, just because you’ve got a tan, doesn’t mean you can forget the sun cream!

If you’re tackling your fake tan at home, be sure to follow these tanning techniques for a flawless finish!

After Sun
This year we’ve been pretty blessed with the weather and when the sun is shining, it’s inevitable some of us will end up with lobster skin. That’s where being prepared pays off! You should be applying a sun cream with an SPF of at least 30 and topping it up throughout the day. But when you’re having an awesome time watching your favourite band, you can be forgiven for letting your skincare slip a little.

Be sure to pack some after sun for those days where you’re feeling a little rosier than normal. Opt for an aloe vera or cucumber based gel that’s easily absorbed into your skin, cools and soothes your burn all at the same time!

Pack Smart
pack-smart-01.pngAvoid overpacking by packing smart with clever hacks! Keep your make-up bag light by choosing cream products – apply with your fingers and leave your make-up brushes at home! Forget topping up your manicure with emergency nail varnishes and treat yourself to long lasting gel polish from the salon – typically your manicure will cost around £20 and lasts for up to 3-weeks! If you need some pointers, check out this simple guide to achieving the perfect manicure every time!

Keep it Simple
keep-it-simple-01.pngWhen it comes to your festival beauty routine, keeping it simple and minimal is best. You don’t want to take up valuable space in your luggage bringing your entire make-up bag, plus you don’t want to spend time putting your face on when you could be dancing!

Keep your make-up routine simple with a light BB cream (bonus points if it’s got SPF), waterproof mascara (long wearing and handy if it rains…it is the UK after all…) and a bright lip stick that can double up as a blusher. Don’t forget to keep those festival vibes going with tons of glitter! No festival is complete without the obligatory glitter sweep – be bold by adding it to your cheek bones or choose a subtle sparkle on your eyelids.

Anti-Bac Gel
anti-bac-gel-01.pngFestival loos. Do we need to say any more?! Keeping a tube of gel in your pocket or bag means your hands are always germ free – no-one wants that kind of lingering souvenir from their weekend away.

Score bonus points for yourself by bringing a good supply of toilet paper and save yourself a midnight dash back to the tent for supplies!

Baby Wipes
If you’re penny pinching and haven’t pre-booked the luxury block, chances are you won’t be indulging in a shower all weekend. Generally, a wet-wipe wash isn’t ideal, but when you’re faced with a weekend of grime, it’s essential!

Make sure you pack baby wipes or face wipes so you can have a festival shower!

Top tip: choose an oil-based wipe over water-based as this will also remove your waterproof mascara!

Treat Yourself
treat-yourself-01.pngAfter the festival is over, it’s likely you won’t be feeling your best. A long weekend of dancing, drinking and wet wipe showers will leave you in need of a pamper! So, when you’re back home, give yourself a rejuvenating beauty session that rids your skin of toxins and dirt build up.

Why not treat yourself to a homemade facial that clears blocked pores, tightens the skin and brightens your complexion! Achieve the perfect facial at home with these 3 simple steps (face mask recipes included!)

So, there you have it! Some simple tips that have your festival beauty routine covered!
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The Training Room | 18/07/2018 11:00:00

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