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10 Benefits of Massage Therapy

Is there anything better than getting a lovely massage after a long day? Having someone rub the tension from your shoulders can be utter bliss! But do you also know there are many health benefits that a massage offers to your body in general?

Massage is one of the oldest forms of health care - it can be traced right back to the Ancient Egyptians who painted images of people being massaged in some of their tombs. You’ll also find it throughout history in places like China, India and Japan.

Today there are more than 80 different types of massage treatments available that are used globally, including Swedish, aromatherapy, hot stone, deep tissue, lava shell and Thai massage.

Here are the top 10 reasons you should book a massage appointment right now:

10-benefits-of-massage-infographic-v1-1-01.png1. Being sat down all day can really put pressure on your neck and shoulders; if left un-checked it can lead to aches and pains including back problems. Luckily getting a regular massage can help to work out all the kinks and counteract the imbalance from sitting at your desk all day.
2. Worked out too hard in the gym? Massage can relieve the aches and pains in your muscles and increase circulation – you’ll recover quicker and be ready to get back in the gym in no time!
3. Trouble sleeping? Not anymore! Massage promotes relaxation and helps to improve sleep quality allowing you to get that all-important beauty sleep and put a spring in your step!
4. It boosts immunity! A recent study found that massage boosts your white blood cell count (these protect you from nasty germs).
5. Tension headache relief. Next time a headache hits, try booking in for a massage or get a friend to give you one. Studies show that a single session of massage therapy can immediately relive most tension headache symptoms.  
6. It can help improve posture. If you’re guilty of slouching a little in your chair, massage can help to improve your posture and re-align your spine and back muscles, reliving pressure from your joints and encouraging you to sit up straighter!
7. It’s like a good night’s sleep. A 60-minute massage has the same effect on your body as 7-8 hours’ sleep!
8. Decreases healing time. Getting a massage on an injury can speed up the healing process and recovery time by relaxing the muscles and encourages blood circulation which will deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and organs.
9. It can lift and firm the skin. A regular firming massage can keep you looking younger and fresher by lifting, firming and toning your skin. It can also improve the appearance of pesky cellulite too!
10. It can perk you up. Improve your mental wellbeing with frequent massages to improve your overall mood, build your self-esteem and let your mind unwind from the worries of the day.
Getting a massage isn’t only a great option to pamper yourself or indulge in a little feel-good ‘me time’, it’s also a powerful tool to help you prioritise your health and wellbeing.
Getting a regular massage will help you identify areas of tension and stress in your body much faster, making it easier to isolate and fix an issue before it’s going to cause a bigger problem in the long run.
Want to brush up on your own massage skills? Follow our ultimate massage techniques guide to keep your friends, family, and clients coming back for more!
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