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Being Successful in the Beauty Industry

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Now that you’re a qualified beauty therapist it’s all about making sure you make the most of your skills and talents when you enter the industry – but how? Here are some top tips from us on how to increase your chances of success:

1. Know where you’re going

Granted, not everyone knows exactly what they want to do straight away, but it really helps to have some direction in mind when embarking on a career in the beauty industry. Fancy owning your own salon? Want to work on a cruise ship? Or do you like the idea of working on TV advert or film shoots? Knowing where you’re going makes it so much easier to get there. If you’re struggling for inspiration, check out our post on careers in the beauty industry here.

2. Show off your skills

A working portfolio is an absolute must-have when trying to kick start a beauty career. When in an interview it really helps to be able to illustrate your arsenal of skills right there and then. You can be super creative and let your personality shine through with these as well; your physical work can help tell a story that no amount of words ever could.

3. Keep your eye on the ball

A true professional always knows what’s going on in their industry. But, even more importantly, also knows what may be just around the corner. In the beauty industry especially, there is a lot of importance surrounding whatever products and therapies will be ‘the next big thing’. Reading trade publications and websites such as ‘Professional Beauty’ and ‘Happi’, will help keep you up to date and prepared for what’s coming.

4. Look for opportunities

It is fairly likely you, like most of us, will need to start your beauty career at the bottom of the ladder. This is no bad thing, though. Junior positions are full of opportunities to show your personality and passion, and to take on new responsibilities as you go along. If you see a need somewhere, don’t be afraid to fill it – it could just be what takes you to the next level.

5. Be confident!

You worked hard and deserved your qualification, so let that confidence show when you’re in interviews, when you’re demonstrating your skills and when you’re talking to clients. The more confidence you show, the more confidence your employers and clients will have in you.

Are you reading this and wondering where to get the qualifications to start you off? Look no further, our Beauty courses are a fantastic way to kick-start your career.

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