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2018 Beauty Trends You Can't Live Without


Adios ‘gram ‘brow. Arrivederci blinding highlighter. Ciao heavy contour. 2018 has landed and it’s bringing a whole load of beauty trends you won’t be able to live without for the next 365 days.

Bye Bye ‘Natural’, Hello ‘Clean’.
Beauty and wellness is stepping away from looking good and is inching ever closer to being good for our skin. Good skin is always in, but this year sees brands working harder to keep the nasties out of our products.

Going Naked
2018 is baring all in the world of beauty. And we don’t mean stripping down to your birthday suit! This year, beauty is becoming more environmentally friendly – we’re expecting to see a steer towards plant-based products and much less plastic. We’re becoming more aware of the damage we’re doing to the planet and the beauty industry is flying the flag for eco-friendliness. Just look at eco- conscious brand Lush: they’ve introduced a line of Naked products - no packaging and richer ingredients with less water!

Keep the Glitter
Still finding glitter leftover from Christmas? Just as well because it’s sticking around for another season! Swap the festive shades for demure hues to take you into Spring/Summer with a hop, skip and sparkly jump.

All the Face Masks
You can’t post a #SundayFacial without one – face masks are on the rise. You might have already seen the micro patches that have flooded our feed as they provide targeted treatment to specific areas; clever huh?! Combine that with the comfy clothes and a spa visit that comes with a face mask and it’s the type of trend we can all get on board with this year!

High Gloss
2017 was all about matte but 2018 is looking glossy. Of course, we’re talking about lips. This steer is much easier to wear too – you don’t need to worry about dry lips and cracked lippy as glossier finishes have got you covered. Investing in a great gloss will help you avoid that sticky feeling too. 

Artsy Nails
Beauty and wellbeing usually focusses on the face and body. 2018 is looking down at your digits and bringing art back to the mani! There’s no set agenda for style, just keep it creative to score major beauty points this season!

Being Good to Your Bodycare.jpg
How much time and money do you invest on caring for your face? What about your body? Probably not as much, right? Previously we’ve made sure we’re putting our best face on, but have neglected the rest of our body. This year, all things are pointing towards body skincare being just as important as skincare for your face. We’re expecting to see more products, like SPF moisturiser and exfoliators, aimed at making the rest of our skin happier and healthier.

Gender Neutral
This year there’s a definite trend in the beauty and fashion industry that focusses on you, not your gender. Pioneer makeup blogger, Gary (The Plastic Boy) has been picked up by L’Oreal who are preparing for a gender-neutral audience. The doors have been opened for more people to use and enjoy makeup, regardless of your gender.

Bespoke Beautyshutterstock_83542945.jpg
Custom products cropped up in 2017 and are growing into a bigger trend this year. Have your skin reviewed and analysed to get moisturisers, cleansers and serums tailored just for you. Once reserved for brands with big price tags, Clarins have now launched their own products that you can personalise. Skin in need of a hydration boost? Just add a few drops of the Clarins DIY Boosters to your favourite moisturiser – ta-dah! – you’ve got a tailored product!

Holistic Beauty
There’s a big trend for self-care and turning attention to inner wellness. Whether that’s with purifying body washes that lift the senses, essential oils that penetrate the outer dermis and de-stress treatments, anything that promotes balance and inner calm will be high on the trend list this year.

Glow Upglow.jpg
We’re leaving heavy base layers in 2017 as healthy glows are on the rise. Sure, you can fake it with a light foundation and killer highlighter, but the best result is achieved from taking care of your skin. Having a good facial once a month and regular at-home masks will make sure your bang on trend this year.

Back to Basics
2018 is seeing a move towards simpler products. If you can just about manage to cleanse, tone and moisturise this trend will work for you! 20-step beauty regimes will now be a distant memory as multi-purpose products take to the spotlight. Technology can be thanked for taking us back to basics – we’re seeing more formulations that combine properties for the good of your skin and are kind on time. 

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