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New Year New Career: Why You Should Become a Beauty Therapist

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We all know the drill; each year the Christmas merriment ends, the New Year rolls in and we all must pull ourselves together and get back to work. But wouldn’t it be great to shake things up for 2016 and do something completely different?

If you’re wondering exactly how to do this, perhaps you should consider the world of beauty; one of the most diverse and exciting industries out there, with many doors just waiting to be opened.

Why Start A New Career?

Before we delve into the reasons why a job in the beauty industry would be great, it’s worth noting why a New Year career move can be beneficial in the first place. For starters, every year far too many of us trudge back to jobs we really can’t stand, and this – unsurprisingly - can be harmful to our health, motivation and general state of mind. Making fresh starts and setting new goals is the perfect way to counteract this; you might be pleasantly surprised at just how good it can make you feel.

Why The Beauty Industry?

If there was ever an industry bursting with opportunity and excitement, it’s the beauty industry. Here you can turn your passion into a full-blown career and, most importantly, continue growing and learning as you go. Sound good? If you develop your skills in beauty therapy these are the types of career sectors you could be exploring in the near future: 

Film & TV – Ever watched the behind the scenes footage on your favourite TV show and thought ‘I could do that’? Well, it turns out you can. The film and TV industries need people like you to make sure their cast are looking their best for the cameras; tempting, no? 

Specialist – There are many different forms of beauty therapy, including specialisms such as laser treatment or microdermabrasion. You can choose to specialise in these sectors and really hone your skills. 

Salon Manager – One of the best things the beauty industry offers is the opportunity to be your own boss. Open your own salon, hire your own staff and do everything your way for a change; it’s a great feeling. 

Freelance – If you don’t fancy tying yourself down to just one location or employer, you can go freelance and set up a mobile salon, offer your services to a diverse range of clients and even work from home. 

Tutor – There are lots of budding beauty therapists out there who would benefit enormously from your skills and expertise, so why not become a tutor and pass on your knowledge to the next generation?

With all these opportunities and avenues to explore, now is the perfect time to get the ball rolling on your shiny new beauty career. Check out your options, brush up on your skills and start refocussing all your New Year energy on something positive.

Who knows, maybe this time next year you’ll be walking back into a job you truly love.

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