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How To Become a Nail Technician

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Often when deciding on pursuing a passion as a career it can be difficult to know exactly where to start. It can be confusing, often overwhelming - but it does not have to be. The Training Room are here to help. In our latest blog we talk about the path to becoming a successful Nail Technician - from nail art enthusiast to pedicure professional, we’ve got the course for you!

About You: The Drive to Become a Nail Technician

After deciding that you want to become a nail technician it is important to understand a bit more about the skills which are desirable whilst working in the beauty and wellbeing sector.

Is beauty your underlying passion? But moreso, nails!

Of course, you’ll be able to tell the difference between acrylic and gel, nail polish and shellac. Moreover you’ll have a flair for creativity, an eye for detail and excellent people skills.

Nail Technology encompasses the care, repair, painting and decorating of client’s nails (both fingers and toes!); this means that some of your job will involve following strict health and safety practices which will ensure that the risk of infection and damage is minimal. More information about the skills which may benefit you as a Nail Technician can be found on the National Careers Service, here.

Further, your initial research will encompass what makes a good ‘fit’ within this area of beauty. In the preliminary stages you may also research typical working hours, environments and salary, amongst other things. Plotr has some good information about the aforementioned - but as a reference starting salaries can be up to £18,500, with more experienced workers’ salaries at around £25,000. Managerial level salaries can often be higher. Working hours are around 37 hours per week on a full-time basis and this can include weekend work too.

Qualification as a Nail Technician

Although it is possible to enter a job in nail technology without formal qualification, such as through apprenticeships, it is beneficial to gain certification to help progress your role.

The Training Room offer a course in nail technology which is designed to see you ‘industry-ready’ in just 12 weeks via 2 day a week workshops, a lot quicker than if you were to learn on the job or via an apprenticeship. By doing a course in 12 weeks you could be employed and earning a salary in your dream job.

The course offered by The Training Room qualifies you to ITEC level 3 and will give you a complete, comprehensive overview of nail technology ranging from technique and creative flair to health and safety practices. Level 3 is the highest entry level into this field of work.

Although this course is technically full-time, as the workshops are held over just 2-days a week you will find that you are still able to commit to part-time working or other commitments such as childcare.

Beyond Qualification: What Can I Do as a Nail Technician?

As a Nail Technician you can either work as employed in somewhere such as a salon or nail bar, or you could be self-employed and rent a space in a salon, open your own nail practice or be mobile and visit clients in their homes. Both full-time and part-time working hours are widely available in this sector.

Of course, if you choose to work as self-employed there are many benefits, such as being your own boss and hours as flexible as you are. However, you will need to follow the processes and requirements for having your own business - the Government has some advice here which is useful if you are considering working for yourself.

Furthermore, there is the distinct possibility that you could work abroad with this qualification or a broader beauty therapy qualification , as the ITEC courses which we offer are internationally recognised. Opportunities exist for Nail Technicians in luxury hotels and on cruise ships as well as many other places.

In addition, if you are lucky enough you could find yourself working on film sets, in television or with photographers in this line of work.

Support From The Training Room.

At The Training Room we pride ourself on the support which we offer our students.

As a full service careers provider the support doesn’t just begin and end with the course which you embark on with us - instead our support extends to:

  • Professional development and mentoring throughout your course from our experienced and specialist tutors.

  • Up to 3 years of career support from the moment you register on our nail technology course.

  • A guaranteed interview through one of our corporate partnerships

  • A three year training guarantee which includes one exam re-sit and module repeat should you need it.

In addition, at The Training Room we also offer funding options which are specifically designed for our training courses; that way we ensure that you’re provided with exactly the right amount of financial support. More information about The Training Room Loan can be found here .

Do you want polish your skills and start a new career?

If you’re interested in a career within the beauty and wellbeing industry then you can browse our range of beauty courses such as: full-time beauty therapy , part-time beauty therapy and of course, nail technology on our website.

Why not give us a call or fill out an enquiry form on our website today? A new career is just a phone call away!


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