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What is a Career in Hairdressing Like?


We often consider a change of career, but we’re not sure whether it’s the right career choice for us. So If you’ve contemplated a career in hairdressing, we’ve compiled an insight into what is involved and what it’s all about.

It can be as flexible as you are

If you like the idea of having a flexible career, then becoming a hairdresser is ideal for you. You could work in a salon; learning the ropes gaining vital experience. Or if you consider yourself entrepreneurially, then did you know you could own a salon or become a freelance hairdresser? Whatever you decide the choice is yours.

There’s plenty of variety

As a hairdresser, no two days are the same! As you start to grow your clientele, you will regularly meet new clients and with each customer comes a completely new haircut. If you do decide to work for yourself, you can even choose your own hours to suit you.

You can travel the world

With an internationally recognised qualification, you can take your scissors abroad and offer your expertise in another country or on board many of the popular cruise ships.

Career development and progression

There are plenty of opportunities to make a real name for yourself within this industry. All you need is a passion for hairdressing and a hard work ethic, and you can progress into a highly respectable Hairdresser, with great earning potential.

No entry requirements

Yes, that’s right, no entry requirements just a desire to learn, develop and become the best possible you! 

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