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Expand Your Beauty Therapy Offering With These Massage Techniques

One of the best things about being a beauty therapist is you can continually learn new skills, treatments and techniques to expand your offering to clients. One exceptionally popular treatment will always be the massage; the epitome of luxury and relaxation and a very lucrative skill to have. There are many different types of massage and they all have their own unique styles and benefits. Whether it’s for stress relief, pain relief or just purely for a treat, massages can be tailored to the client’s needs, and are a great way to earn extra income if you can do it professionally.

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What is a Career in Hairdressing Like?

We often consider a change of career, but we’re not sure whether it’s the right career choice for us. So If you’ve contemplated a career in hairdressing, we’ve compiled an insight into what is involved and what it’s all about.

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