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5 Reasons You're Better Off Being Self-Employed

Sat at your desk or on the sofa thinking your week could have been better?

Simon’s been on your back about that looming project you haven’t completed. And when you’re home, the kids are driving you round the bend. You’re tired, are craving change and ready to pursue a career you love. We’ve all been there.

You might be wondering – maybe you should retrain for another job…but another job could bring the same ‘Simon type’ boss…the same 9-5 slog with no appreciation. Sounds like it’s time for change!

It might be a bit out there, but why not ditch employment and become your own boss? There’s no one hanging over you – decide how you work and when!

Leaving behind the comfortable familiarity of employment can be a bit daunting – if you’re um-ing and ah-ing, take a look at our 5 reasons you’re better off being self-employed:

1. ​You've Become Your Own Boss

You’ve tapped into the holy grail of working – you’ve become your own boss. Others aspire to it, you’ve achieved it.

Simon’s no longer looking over your shoulder and chasing you for work - you’re making the decisions that impact on your business. There’s no one above you controlling how you work either, you’ll only have your client telling you what they need and you decide how to deliver.

2. Choose How You Work...
…and when! Now that you’re self-employed you can choose when to work and decide on your own schedule. Do the school run every day? No problem! Want to do your admin from your local coffee shop? You can! When you’re self-employed you have the chance to fit your home life around work in a way that suits you – no compromising, just flexible working that fully suits you.

3. You Can Earn More Money
With most employed people, your earnings are capped: you earn a salary regardless of how hard you work. Sure, you might get paid overtime if you work extra hours, but you won’t get a fair share of the profits generated from that additional work. The difference with being self-employed is that your earnings are only limited by how much you work. And depending on your overheads, you’ll keep more from what you earn.

Let’s say you’re a freelance Massage Therapist – your overheads would include your travel costs, tax and materials like oils and towels. Once you’ve covered these costs, the rest is yours so you’ll soon see the financial benefits of your hard work!

4. You'll Have a Varied Day
You’re probably used to working 9-5, 5 days a week, following the same schedule every day. It certainly doesn’t inspire excitement, does it? Once you’re self-employed, clocking in and checking out will be a thing of the past! Every day will be different and aside from your regular clients, you’ll get to meet lots of new people too. Like working to a fixed schedule? No problem! You can do that too!

You’ll quickly adapt to a more varied way of working, learning as you go and updating your skills when you need to.

5. Choose Your Customers
As an employee in a salon or spa, let’s say, you’ve got to help whoever shows up.

You’ve checked the schedule and can see Barbara’s booked in again for a back, neck and shoulder – she’s always rude to you, complains and generally makes your day harder than it needs to be. It’s your job to grit your teeth and get on with it, regardless of how much she criticises you.

Being your own boss paints a different picture. If you have a ‘Barbara client’ again, you don’t have to offer another appointment! You can choose your customers as you’re in control of your own business!

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The Training Room | 07/12/2017 09:44:18

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