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Why We Love St Tropez Tanning

why-we-love-St.-Tropez-tanningIs there anything better than gorgeously tanned summer skin?!
Having that golden glow gives us a little extra confidence while wearing our favourite summer dresses, tops and bikinis. There is just something about having beautifully bronzed skin that makes your wardrobe look and feel even better on you!
We all know that exposure to the sun = damage to your skin and other health risks, including skin cancer, from the harmful UV rays; why risk getting burnt while laying in the sun for hours on end trying to get a tan when you can get one in less than 15 minutes with a quick spray in your local salon… and the best part is – no health risks and no tan lines! Win win!

Using fake tan isn’t only quick, easy and convenient, it can literally save your life! Did you know that 86% of melanoma skin cancer cases in the UK are caused by overexposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun – so the next time you’re heading out to the beach or park on a beautiful sunny day, make sure you grab that SPF and protect your skin.

Don’t put your health at risk! Find out why it’s so important to protect your skin with sun cream here.

model-on-beachOk, so now you’re ready to get your glow on, it’s time to choose the method you’ll use.  When it comes to fake tan, the options are to do it yourself at home or get a professional spray tan at a salon.

It’s worth remembering that although the cost of a spray tan is a little more expensive than the self-tan option, it’s for good reason: you’ll be getting a tan from a qualified expert who’s done the leg work for you to find the perfect brand of fake tan that won’t leave you looking like an Oompa Loompa!

Many salons choose to use St. Tropez as their tanning brand of choice and it’s easy to see why! St. Tropez spray tans give a rich bronze result that lasts for days, and it won’t leave you with that weird biscuit smell that you often get from some self-tanners.

Wondering which option is right for you? Let’s look at the pros and cons!
At-home self-tan:
  • If you are a little shy, you can tan in the comfort and privacy of your own home
  • Depending on your skin type and preferred method of application, you can choose your favourite fake tan lotion, moose or gel to use
  • Can be less expensive then going to the salon
  • Tanning those hard to reach areas on your own can feel impossible!
  • The risk of an uneven streaky tan is much higher if you do it yourself
  • That tell-tale fake tan scent
  • Some fake tans have some weird undertones and you don’t want a tanning disaster like Ross Geller! 
ross-geller-bad-tan-01.pngThinking of trying it yourself? Read our tanning techniques guide to help you out!
St. Tropez professional spray tan
  • A professionally qualified expert will be applying it
  • They will be able to reach all those areas you’d struggle with
  • If you prefer a lighter tan or darker tan, they can customise the look of the tan to suit you
  • You’ll get a smooth, even tan that lasts all week
  • The undertone of the spray tan will suit your skin tone perfectly, so you won’t end up looking orange!
  • You’ll have to bare all in front of a stranger
  • Finding the time to head to the salon
  • The cost of the upkeep if you want the tan to last all month
Ready to head to the salon and get a spray tan? Read these 5 things you need to know before you get a spray tan.

Tanned-lady-in-seaWhich ever method you decide to go for, made sure you don’t moisturise your skin or use deodorant or perfume for at least 4 hours after (if you opt for a self-tanner, check the bottle to see what the recommended time is). Wear loose clothing to your appointment to make sure that your clothes don’t create any marks in your tan.
Top Tip: In a few days when your tan starts to fade, top up with a little gradual tanner to make it last longer.
Finish your perfect summer look with this 10-minute make-up routine to have you glowing like a goddess this summer!
If you love feeling like a million dollars when you leave the salon and are a pro when it comes to tanning techniques, why not think about becoming qualified in St. Tropez spray tanning to give your beauty clients that feeling too!  
Ready to get qualified and offer your clients the chance to feel like bronzed goddess too?

Book your place on a St. Tropez spray tanning course here  

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