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Beauty Apprenticeships: Explained

Beauty-apprenticeship-explainedYou’ve probably grown up with a passion for beauty and poured over the pages of your favourite fashion magazines, eager to try out the latest makeup trends and hairstyles.

Remember the feeling of excitement when you could share those beauty tips with your friends and even help them try out a new look? Well, you’ll be able to do that on a daily basis with a career in beauty! Your clients will turn to you for your beauty secrets and top tips; best of all, you’ll know exactly how they’ll feel when they rush home to share those tips with their friends too! You’ll certainly be leaving work feeling fulfilled!

Sounds great right?!

If you’re fresh out of school or college, you might be considering your options – what do you want to do and how do you get there? Taking an apprenticeship might have sprung to mind.

While there are many routes that can take you into the world of beauty, most people opt for an apprenticeship or turn to training courses to become qualified in their chosen field. But which is the right move for you?

First off, the exciting bit! You’ll need to decide which area to specialise in!

Do you see yourself working as a beauty therapist in a luxury spa?

Maybe your passion is creating the perfect manicure and pedicure?

Or you love helping people unwind from their busy lives by giving them a relaxing massage?

Combining your natural ability and passion into your career is the best way of making sure you are pursuing a job you’ll really love. Whether you’re interested in working in a spa, around the world on a cruise ship, or in a salon, you can now start to look at the options you have to get qualified!

APPRENTICESHIP-VS-TRAINING-COURSETo get qualified, you can apply for an apprenticeship or start a training course.

Apprenticeships are designed to help you enter junior level beauty jobs – so you could be looking at roles as a junior beauty therapist or junior make-up artist. You’ll learn a range of skills and techniques on the job by assisting senior therapists or make-up artists. Once you’ve successfully finished the apprenticeship you will have gained an NVQ certificate.

Choosing an apprenticeship? Here’s what else you should know.

The downside is that a beauty apprenticeship can take up to 12 months to complete and you’ll be earning less than minimum wage while you train…just £3.70 per hour to be exact!

Obviously, this means that money can be pretty tight while you train, and you need to make sure you have considered how you’ll cover your bills while you’re an apprentice.

If you’re concerned how you’ll make ends meet, a better option is a training course. Taking an accelerated course (where you have longer study days over a shorter time period), or a part time course (so you can work and study at the same time), will allow you to start your dream career much quicker (as little as 12 weeks!) and start earning more money when you graduate!

Once you’ve graduated or completed your apprenticeship, your salary will usually start from around £17,000+ a year in a junior role. If you take a training course, you’ll become industry qualified in as little as 12-weeks and can start earning straight away - the sky is the limit to your earning potential in the world of beauty, especially if you choose to go freelance, work on a luxury cruise liner (here are 5 tips for taking your career abroad) or want to start salon management.

UNREGULATED-QUALIFICATIONSThe certification you’ll gain at the end of your apprenticeship, although recognised in the UK, won’t help you take your career abroad. If you have dreams of living it up overseas, you’ll need an internationally recognised qualification to get work in other countries. If you’re considering a stint on a cruise liner, for example, you’ll need an internationally recognised qualification under your belt. Unfortunately, an apprenticeship can’t offer you that.

To add to that, the quality of apprenticeships in the UK aren’t regulated so there’s no guarantee that what you’re learning will be at the industry standard.  Imagine spending a year of your time training only to find that you didn’t learn everything you needed to… it’s just one of the reasons that 30% of apprentices decide not to finish their training.

With a training course you can relax safe in the knowledge that your education is regulated by an examining body. This ensures that you’re getting the industry approved level of training that will take you into your new career.

The best training providers will also offer you career support – this helps build a relationship between you and corporate brands. That means you can have a job lined up as you graduate. Even if you decide to go freelance, they’ll give you advice on getting your business up and running.

Who needs an apprenticeship when a beauty course can offer you so much more?!
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The Training Room | 08/08/2018 16:00:00

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