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Going Solo VS Employed: Working In The Beauty Industry

Facial Application by Beautician

You've mastered the feline flick and can contour better than a Kardashian – sound familiar? Then it may be time to put your creativity and steady hand to good use by delving into the beauty industry. With more hair and make-up professionals than ever before, beauty therapists are breaking out and creating some of the most ground-breaking looks of the season, and game-changing trends of the industry.

But as more therapists realise the potential of becoming their own boss; which is the best path to follow? Here are some of the main points you need to know, before you decide whether to be employed or self-employed.

Being Employed

A nine to five day job with limited creativity, and the rules of employment, may not seem like the most tempting prospect when you've qualified as a beauty therapist; but it has more benefits than you may realise. When you leave your course with a bright new future ahead, entering the safety and security of a company is the perfect way to start your new career, allowing you to ease into the industry, and learn your trade from mentors and colleagues alike. Not only will you have the day-to-day interaction with the general public and new clients, you’ll form friendships and a team spirit with your fellow co-workers, who can relate to the good days and bad. Although commuting, fixed hours and set annual leave allowance can be confining for the work-life balance, you’ll reap the results from perks such as paid sick leave, holiday pay, a pension scheme and a reliable monthly salary. It’s also a great place to build a great client base, with people often staying loyal to their beauticians in the same way they do with a hairdresser.

Going Self-Employed

If you think working for yourself is nothing but lay-ins and long lunches, think again. Although starting up on your own has the benefit of flexible hours (particularly useful if you have children), make no mistake that you'd be required to work twice as hard to make ends meet, and ensure your name is spread far and wide to attract a loyal customer base. Is the prospect of not commuting and setting your own creative boundaries a bonus? Absolutely. There's nothing more thrilling and satisfying than succeeding off of your own back, but there are underlying costs you need to consider. Not only do you have to consider the cost of renting a room or salon and the equipment needed, you’ll also need to set aside funds for sick days, any holiday you'd like to take and of course, the dreaded tax man. Although you won't have the security of a steady monthly wage, the skills you’ll learn in terms of business management and budgeting will be invaluable.

Whichever pathway you choose, remember this is an exciting and fulfilling point in your new career, you’ll develop an indispensable skills you can be apply to a variety of future roles. Now go get them!

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