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Clean It or Bin It: Your Guide to The Makeup Bag Spring Clean

You wouldn't use cutlery and put it in the drawer without cleaning it, so why do the same to your makeup brushes? We're all guilty of it, but as dirty brushes and sponges can be responsible for spreading bacteria and causing acne flare up, it's really important to take care of your tools and give them a thorough clean.

We think a spring clean is on the cards - here's your guide on whether to clean or bin your favourite makeup tools.


Hairbrush / Comb: Clean it every week by removing hair and washing the bristles with your shampoo or shower gel. Bristles starting to curl or teeth breaking off? Time to bin and invest in a new one!

Makeup Brush: Clean it every month with shower gel or a mild soap and rinse thoroughly until the water runs clean. When the fibres start to fray, break or shed you should think about getting a new set. 

Mascara: Bin it every 3 months without fail! Your mascara will start to dry up anyway, but the longer you keep it going, the more likely you are to spread infection. 

Eyelash Curlers: Clean it after every use to keep them in top condition. As soon as the rubber pads start to wear out, you'll need to replace them or you'll run the risk of pulling out eyelashes...ouch!

Makeup Bag: Clean it every 6 months, bin it when your bag frays, holes start to appear or it completely wears out. Go on, treat yourself. 

Makeup Sponge: Clean it after every use to keep it fresh and prevent spreading acne-causing bacteria. When cracks start to appear, it's time for a new one.

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The Training Room | 09/04/2018 09:37:00

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