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What Skills Will I Learn as an Accountant?

What Skills Will I Learn as an Accountant

As with any occupation, there are skills that you will naturally pick up and develop outside of your technical work-related skills. With accountancy, and working in finance in general, this is no different and there are a number of key skills that are integral to the role which you will improve over time.

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for a blog on some of the technical skills you will develop as an Accountant, but for now here are some of the skills required for accounting that you will learn and develop as an Accountant:

It doesn’t really matter what type of Accountant you are or how you decide to operate (self-employed or employed, for example), you will have to work together with other people. This could be as part of your accounting team, presenting your findings to colleagues and/or clients or it could simply be having conversations with your client – either way, you will naturally brush up on your social and communication skills.

This is a skill that will be super important to develop for your personal life also!

Technology and the emergence of computers revolutionised the world of accounting and finance. So, it’s only natural that when working in accounting you will need to have a sound proficiency with technology. Whilst you’ll need a decent starting point, your skills with software will grow as time progresses – particularly if you take on various roles within different companies as you will likely learn and master new accounting programmes.

This may be an obvious one and a skill that of course is needed in any vocation, however in accounting it’s extremely important. You’ll not only need to have full concentration so you make no mistakes, but you will need to constantly be on the ball and ensure you’re looking for the right things in the right places and spot anomalies.

Concentration is one of the most valued and desired soft skills for accounting, so it cannot be understated how important it is for you to already possess, but will also be one of the best skills to develop.

This is one of the most important skills to possess and hone within accounting. Now, when we say punctuality, we don’t mean turning up to work at 9:00AM on the dot (that should be a given!); what we mean is your ability to meet deadlines and adhere to important timelines. Whether you need to file an annual tax return, submit quarterly financial reporting or anything in between, accountancy deadlines are crucial as failure to meet them could result in financial penalties.

Aside from the financial and lawful impact, within an accountancy firm there will be multiple stakeholders who need the most updated information on time in order to evaluate and make business decisions.
How to Become an Accountant?
So, we’ve now worked out that there are some pretty important skills that you will learn as an Accountant. Whilst it’s important to have at least some grasp on these beforehand, you will undoubtedly grow and develop these as you progress in your accounting career.

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