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Personal Skills You Need To Be A Good Accountant

Are you looking at becoming an accountant? Like every role to become an expert at it, you must have the qualifications and personal skills to make it in the industry. This is no different in the financial sector. If you search for current roles in accountancy, you will find a list of skills that employers expect to see from their applicants, and we are here to go through a couple you may expect to find and explain in more significant detail what they are looking for. 

Analytical Skills

As an accountant, you must have an eye for detail. Your daily tasks will include sorting through hefty financial records and checking to ensure all information is accurate and correct. Your job is essentially not to get anything incorrect, or you will yield inconsistent results. As a great accountant, you will be sure to check all data and check for patterns in the data so that other employees' workload is not impacted by the mistakes you make. 


As the old saying goes "Ther’s more than one way yo cook an egg", this also applies to accountancy. To be a good accountant, you must be innovative with your methods of achieving the main objective. Recruiters will be looking for innovative accountants so it will be beneficial to have some knowledge of this. Not only will they be looking for candidates with fresh ideas but eager individuals ready to make an impact on the accounting industry. 


A skill you see on many job adverts is organisation - a common request but for a job as an Accountant, a highly necessary skill. You will be dealing with multiple clients, tight deadlines, and juggling various reports at one time. If you aren’t organised, keeping on top of all these tasks will become near impossible. 

Critical Thinking

As a follow up to having analytical skills, being a critical thinker is essential in your role as an Accountant. When you encounter errors, discrepancies, and inaccuracies, which will happen, these mistakes must be detected and addressed straight away.


It is imperative that you have good communication in any business sector; the same method applies to accounting. Communication is vital to the completion of complex tasks and doing so in a straightforward way. Whether you're outsourced or operate directly to the company or are part of a team, you will need to have good communication skills to work efficiently with colleagues on any level. You will be assessed on these skills as soon as you start in any role. 

Team Collaboration

When people think of an accountant, they picture someone alone in a cramped room full of papers using a calculator, however, this is no longer the case. By participating in teams and projects with other business sectors, accountants can generate positive results for their organisation and pave the way for valuable advancement opportunities. Being a team player and open to learning from others is essential within the accounting world - you must be able to bounce ideas off other departments and work as a unit to solve solutions ensuring that every option is considered when trying to find solutions to problems. 

Does it sound like you would be a great accountant, or you can relate to having some of the skills mentioned? Well, why not check out our Accountancy course and see if you have what it takes to be an exceptional accountant.

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The Training Room | 14/01/2021 09:00:00

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