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Giving Back: How a Career in Caring Will Help You Too

Giving Back: How a Career in Caring Will Help You Too
Working in care is extremely rewarding. You have the ability to substantially improve people's lives in a variety of ways. Care work can provide flexibility, enrichment and personal development to those who choose it, and it's also an incredibly sought-after service so there are many opportunities all over the country!
Care comes in many forms and a lot of people find themselves gravitating towards certain types of care-giving over others. Regardless of the type of care you choose, one thing is certain: you're changing someone's life for the better as well as your own.

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There are many areas of care work to be part of, including:
  • Support worker – as the name suggests you provide support for individuals and families both physically and mentally
  • Clinical support worker – here you’ll be assisting healthcare professionals in the delivery of patient care. You’ll take on routine tasks like preparing patients, explaining treatments and updating records
  • Care assistant – in this position you may be working with the elderly, disabled, mentally ill or terminally ill people. The day-to-day tasks usually include preparing meals, personal grooming, giving medication and fulfilling a variety of patient needs
  • Mental health care support – the focus of this position is to support people with mental health issues. This can be via individual, family or group counselling
A sense of fulfilment
In social care, you really do get back what you put in - the boomerang effect of kindness means you’ll feel great for spreading positivity.
Many find enrichment in their personal lives by providing support and freedom to those who would struggle to go it alone. If you're someone who is considering a job in the care industry, you’re probably a nurturing person who feels a sense of fulfilment by helping others. People who work in care often talk about high job satisfaction and feel pride for what they do. Having that sense of worth in your career can really improve your own life and happiness, thus making you better in your job.

Be part of a community
A lot of us strive for a sense of community - working in care certainly provides that. It's a social industry, and in the days of the heavily digital world, we often find ourselves living through a screen and sometimes starved of real human interaction. In care you'll find yourself deep in a community – you be helping the community grow by improving the wellbeing of an individual, and the community they’re part of. Working in care really helps you cultivate positive relationships, whether that’s the people you are supporting or with your colleagues

Exciting work opportunities
No two days are the same when working in care as every person you support has different needs. Sure, they may come with varying challenges and difficulties, but this will keep you on your toes and give you the opportunity to learn new things. You'll also encounter a lot of different personalities and senses of humour – this allows you to grow as a person and experience different viewpoints and cultures. If you're someone who needs variety in their life, care work will always be providing you with new experiences. Many people who work in care often say that their working day goes by quickly as you don't get the chance to get bored!

Personal growth 
Helping others is a way of helping yourself. Scientific studies have shown that selfless acts not only make you happier, but can make a tangible difference to your own sense of wellbeing. Helping others can extend your lifespan, encourage better management of stress and anxiety, and provide a stronger sense of reward from doing positive things for others! It’s pretty great!
That sense of reward is certainly strong in the care industry. You're helping people improve their quality of life, aid their personal growth and provide support with small tasks that make a big difference. Care workers have assisted people to live a more dignified, enriched and satisfying life – you’re helping people regain their independence and that’s an incredible thing to call your day job!

Career progression
Due to our ageing population and the number of people who need support for mental and physical issues, there are a lot of opportunities available for anyone looking to get started in this industry. Health and social care can provide you with plenty of opportunities to progress your career – there are many accessible courses available to help boost your knowledge and learn the skills that are essential for employment in this industry. You have the ability to build up your career and further develop your skills to make your career prospects soar!
Ready for a career that makes you feel great too? 
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