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IT Courses

Here at The Training Room we provide our students with the latest in Information Technology (IT) backed by the globally recognised 'CompTIA', and 'CIW' allowing our students to get the very best in IT training. Our main goal is to ensure you finish ‘industry-ready’ and prepare you for a professional career in the IT industry you’ve always wanted.

Whether it’s jump-starting your very first career, or a complete career change, The Training Room is here to ensure your passion for IT evolves into a viable career as a successful IT Professional.

For more on the courses and study modes we are currently offering see the following:

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Our Academies

The Training Room’s IT courses make it easy for you to get certified in the convenience of your own home with our various online IT courses. By undertaking an IT online course, you can take control of your learning; an online IT course is an excellent way to study, while having the flexibility to work around your current commitments.

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Where Could a Course in IT Take me?

As an industry that thrives on opportunity, here at The Training Room we transform our students into certified Information Technology (IT) professionals and prepare them for the future in IT they desire. Whether it be a Web Developer, Network Administrator, or Security Specialist, The Training Room will make sure you acquire all the knowledge and necessary skills you need to succeed as an IT professional.

An Overview of the IT Industry:

The UK Information Technology (IT) industry is constantly evolving, as are the opportunities within the industry. With a networth of nearly £60 billion and predicted to increase further over the coming years, the IT industry is an exciting flexible industry to pursue (BMI Research, 2016). Therefore salaries are equally flexible and based on experience starting upwards of £18000+ per annum.

In the UK there is currently a shortage in computer science graduates, making those with technical IT and computer skills high in demand (Computer Weekly, 2016). Therefore, we here at The Training Room will make it our mission to help you bridge the gap and assist you in jumpstarting your career in IT.

IT - Web Development Courses

IT - Web Development CareersWhat skills do I need to have a successful career in IT?

According to the National Careers Service here in the UK, to become an IT professional you will need to have the following skills:

  • An excellent knowledge of IT and computers

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Strong problem solving skills

  • Good project management skills

  • The ability to interpret and assess data accurately

  • A commitment to keep up to date with emerging technologies and trends

  • The ability to work under pressure and to deadlines

Why Start a Career in IT?

As a certified IT professional in Web Development, Security, and Network Administration you will be making an incredible impact on the ever changing world of IT by:

Web Development

  • Working and communicating with the clients

  • Building and or creating payment systems, video, sound and/or animation

  • Work on the site's appearance, often with a web designer

  • Testing website and web parts


  • Assessing risks to systems, and developing plans to minimise potential threats

  • Designing new security systems or upgrading existing ones

  • Testing and evaluating security products planning for disaster recovery in the event of security breaches

  • Simulating security breaches

Network Administration

  • Assessing a client's network requirements and designing/testing plans to meet them

  • Making sure network plans are compatible with other computer systems

  • Planning preventative maintenance schedules

  • Monitoring and reporting on network performance and usage