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Part-Time Personal Trainer Course

Taking the jump into a new career isn’t always easy, we get it. When you’re already working, or balancing a busy lifestyle and other commitments, getting where you want to be doesn’t always seem achievable.

What if you had more time. What if you didn’t do the school run. What if you cut your work hours. Life’s too short for what-if’s.

Make the change now, and it’ll pay off for the rest of your career. Want to become a Personal Trainer? We’ve got a flexible course that’ll get you there.

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What Will My Career as a Personal Trainer Look Like?

We’ll be honest, there’s hard work involved when you start working as a Personal Trainer. You need to invest time in attracting new clients, and learning how to keep them. You’ll soon understand how best to add value to your sessions and what keeps your clients motivated and coming back for more!

You’re entering a people-centred industry so you can expect a socially lively job – you’ll be around different types of people with unique goals. We’ll let you in on a secret – if you focus on your client rather than the money, you’ll see success. You won’t get bogged down in constantly getting new business (and quickly losing it), but will pour your focus into existing clients. They’ll trust in you to deliver and they’ll spread the good word for you.

What Do I Need to Get Started as a Personal Trainer?  

You’ll need to be level 3 qualified to start personal training and leading group classes. You’ll love the fitness industry and be raring to get going. Passion is key in the industry – if you’ve got it, you’ll go far.

What Do I Need to Know About the Part Time Personal Trainer Course?

Take your career to new levels with the part time Personal Trainer course – complete 11 days of hands-on training and theory. Got queries throughout your course? Your tutor will be seriously experienced in the health and fitness industry, so they’ll answer any questions you’ve got.

You’ll be ready to start your career as a PT with these qualifications:

  • Covers health, safety and welfare within a fitness environment

  • Learn about the anatomy and physiology for exercise

  • Learn the principles of fitness, health and exercise

  • Learn how to plan gym based exercise

  • Learn how to instruct gym based exercise

  • How to support clients
  • Learn about the anatomy and physiology for health and exercise

  • Learn how to apply the principles of nutrition to a physical activity programme

  • Learn about programming personal training with clients

  • Learn how to deliver personal training sessions

The indoor cycling class is still one of the most popular on the class timetable. It is a high energy, calorie burning class that will have all your participants fatigued yet satisfied from your class.

During the course you will learn:

  • How to plan the most fatiguing indoor cycling class

  • The main manoeuvres and riding techniques

  • How to use these manoeuvres to get your classes legs burning

  • How to sequence workouts with and without music

Circuit Training is a mainstay in any gym, but can you make your class standout from all the other circuit classes out there? That’s where Metabolic Conditioning comes in; a new and updated version that brings circuit training into the 21st century. It combines together strength, hypertrophy and HIIT cardio into one session for a greater metabolic conditioning.

During the course you’ll learn:

  • How to plan a metabolic resistance, conditioning and finisher session

  • How this class can improve your clients hormonal profile

  • How to get the after burn or EPOC

  • About calorie expensive exercise that keep your group fitter

The use of boxing in a training environment is a fantastic conditioning and stress busting tool. It gives you another skill that sets you apart from the rest that clients love and will keep coming back for.

During the course you’ll learn:

  • Correct technique and punch combinations

  • How to "take" and cue combinations that flow

  • How to keep your client hitting the mark at high intensity

  • How to incorporate bodyweight exercises into a workout format