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We offer hands-on support from a dedicated tutor ensuring you reach new heights through recognised qualifications.


Industry Interviews

We guarantee placement opportunities through our network of 20+ education partners with a reach of over 10,000 UK schools.

Immersive & Interactive

No drowning in paper-based education as you'll be fully immersed in our award-winning interactive learning platform.

UK's leading Provider for TQUK L3 Teaching Assistant Qualification

In 2021, we were the leading provider of the TQUK L3 Certificate in Supporting Teaching in Learning across Schools, based on the number of students who certified with us.
Source: training provider records vs Ofqual's Vocational qualifications dataset 2021



Teaching Assistants play a vital role in classrooms and are proven to support academic growth. One day you could be supporting an individual student with learning difficulties, the next you’ll be creating displays for pupils' work or helping out on school trips and activities.

As a Teaching Assistant, no two days are the same. Looking for a rewarding career like no other? This is a great opportunity for you. One we will support you with through our accredited Teaching Assistant course.

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Trusted by the biggest names in education recruitment and personnel planning

Each year we empower more than 2000 aspiring educators to become qualified Teaching Assistants. Today after almost 2 decades of connecting these professionals to opportunity with the best names in school placements, we've become the go-to provider for their training and recruitment needs.

Don't just take our word for it... Our students have been talking:


What can I expect as a Teaching Assistant?

You won’t be surprised that as a Teaching Assistant, you’ll spend lots of time with students, and often those with greater learning needs. As a result, you’ll need to be patient and have a positive attitude that is conducive to a student’s learning and progression. Although challenging, think how rewarding it will be to watch your students progress and develop!

Most of your day-to-day work will be in the classroom, but you’ll often have the opportunity to help out on school trips and outdoor activities. Get stuck in and build positive relationships with your students and the teachers you’re supporting!

How do I become a Teaching Assistant?

As you don’t need a degree to become a Teaching Assistant, you’ll need to stand out from the other applicants to see success. Experience working with children? Great! Accredited certificate proving your specialised knowledge? Maybe not... 

Our Professional Teaching Assistant course is designed to help you succeed in starting your career as a Teaching Assistant, Classroom Assistant, or Learning Support Specialist. Advance your understanding to mental health, autism awareness or bullying to help you get noticed by schools. Develop crucial skills to support children and young people in their learning and independence, and help them build their self-esteem and confidence.

Our Accreditations

We love what we do and it shows through our industry specific accreditations. That's why our Teaching Assistant course is awarded by TQUK - the leading Ofqual-recognised awarding body, and part of the Regulated Quality Framework (RQF).

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The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments in England. Colloquially and publicly, Ofqual is often referred to as the exam and qualifications "watchdog“.



RQF (Regulated Qualifications Framework) is the reference system put in place and regulated by Ofqual to help people understand how qualifications can be compared to each other in terms of the size and challenge of the qualifications they offer.



Training Qualifications UK (TQUK) is the most contemporary and creative Awarding Organisation in the UK. The Training Room is a TQUK-approved training centre and awards TQUK qualifications.

The Training Room in Numbers

We started way back in 2006 uniquely placed as a full-service provider, helping students to start a new career through our accredited Level 3 Teaching Assistant course. Though this course remains at the heart of our what we offer, our TA course offering has now expanded to offer you more flexibility, the latest specialisms and an array of RQF specialist add-ons.

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Is a Teaching Assistant Qualification for me?

You love working with children, are driven to help them achieve their potential and feel at home in the classroom, but you’re finding it difficult to get into your dream career because you don’t have accredited qualifications. Sound familiar?

Professional Teaching Assistant course overview

  • Unit 1: Understand Children’s and Young People’s Development
  • Unit 2: Understand How to Safeguard the Wellbeing of Children and Young People
  • Unit 3: Support Children’s and Young People’s Health and Safety
  • Unit 4: Engage in Personal Development in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Settings
  • Unit 5: Support Learning Activities
  • Unit 6: Promote Children’s and Young Peoples Positive Behaviour
  • Unit 7: Develop Professional Relationships with Children, Young People and Adults
  • Unit 8: Promote Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Work with Children and Young People
  • Unit 9: Support Assessment for Learning
  • Unit 10: Communication and Professional Relationships with Children, Young People and Adults
  • Unit 11: Schools as Organisations
  • Unit 1: Autism in context
  • Unit 2: Positive behavioural support for individuals with autism
  • Unit 3: Understand support and management of transitions for individuals with autism
  • Unit 4: Therapeutic interventions and support available for individuals with autism and co-occurring conditions
  • Unit 5: Communication and social interaction with individuals with autism
  • Unit 6: Safeguarding and resilience in autism
  • Unit 1: Understand children and young people’s mental health in context
  • Unit 2: Understand factors which may affect children and young people’s mental health
  • Unit 3: Understand children and young people’s mental health concerns
  • Unit 4: Understand the impact of children and young people’s mental health concerns
  • Unit 5: Understand how to support children and young people with mental health concerns

Plus choose one additional certification from the below:

  • Introduction to special educational needs and disability
  • Living with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
  • Principles of promoting person centred approach for individuals with SEND
  • Understand Equality and Diversity in context of SEND
  • Understanding SEND and learning
  • Principles of bullying
  • Recognising bullying in children and young people
  • Action to be taken when a child or young person is being bullied
  • Understand government guidelines for bullying
  • Awareness of behaviour that challenges in children
  • Principles of intervention when working with behaviour that challenges in children and young people
  • Behaviour that challenges and mental health in children
  • Behaviour that challenges and learning disabilities
  • Behaviour that challenges, sensory issues and autism
  • Legislation supporting behaviour that challenges in children

This will allow you to enter roles confidently, knowing you'll have the knowledge to be a real asset to any school.

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Fast-tack your journey to a fulfilling Teaching Assistant career with the best support and most flexible education.

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You have the questions, we have the answers...

The Training Room has very strong partnerships with education agencies all over the UK, and a dedicated career support team with you from day one, so can support you into positions wherever is good for you.

No, The Training Room have an industry leading interactive platform online. This means you can train when is good for you, 24/7. To support your learning, we have an on-staff tutor team who can assist you on your learning journey.

Yes. The qualifications are part of the RQF framework and recognised all over the UK. All courses are accredited recognised qualifications and awarded by TQUK.

No. Here at The Training Room we have students looking to change their career to pursue their passion. If you are working currently, everything we do can be built around your current commitments.

The portfolio you will complete with us allows you to work with children aged 4yrs -18yrs old, so the whole range of school years.

Yes. A lot of our students have families and find the program works really well around family commitments, not to mention the work/life balance that a position as a TA affords.

No. Here at The Training Room we look for candidates based on their potential, and what they can offer to the classroom. If you have a real passion to work with children and help them develop, we can help you achieve that.

Training Qualifications UK (TQUK) is the fastest growing Awarding Organisation in the UK. The qualifications that they offer are recognised by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual).
They are the most contemporary and creative Awarding Organisation in the UK, allowing approved TQUK centres to choose the assessment methods that they believe meet their students’ needs the best.

Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) was introduced as an updated frame of reference to use instead of QCF. Regulated by Ofqual this framework should help people understand how qualifications compare and how they relate to each other. Its intention is to improve consistency around how awarding organisations describe the size and challenge, or demand, of the qualifications they offer.

Yes - Our qualifications are the entry standard required to start your career working in Schools. In England accredited and recognised by Ofqual and Northern Ireland by CCEA.

Achieving our qualifications allows you to start a career journey in to the industry that you can only flourish further with in the future.

Alongside our extensive course package we have our dedicated career support team available for you for up to 3 years from when you initially register. This means we can help you find the best career roles for your first initial years in to the industry.

Although our program doesn’t have any UCAS points attached, it is a great way to start a career in education and stepping stone for those who wish to teach.

We will be able to get you up and running and working in education  while you pursue the higher education certificates you’ll need to complete a QTS or PGCE program, meaning you will be gaining the essential, required education experience and earning while always working toward your end goal. Typically, our students who don’t currently hold a degree will work through our program, start working and get settled in a school, and then look at the options that will become available at that point.

 The career support team here are always here to offer guidance and support for your progression over the next three years, so please use them to their full potential to ensure you progress in the way you want.

We have a fantastic support system for our students here at The Training Room.

You will firstly be provided with you own personal tutor who you will be able to contact via email, telephone and online. Our Teaching Assistant courses are course work based only which you would send through to your tutor for marking and feedback once completed.

Our students will also receive a dedicated Career Support Officer who will help them to find employment once they have completed certain aspects of their learning with us. Our Career Support Officers will liaise with our Corporate Partners who provide our students with Guaranteed Interviews. This support will include; helping students with their CV’s and preparing them for the interview process.

All of our students also benefit from support through our Student Services team who are here to offer professional guidance and advice throughout our student’s journey.

No, our programs are completed with course work only.

Depending on the course you have chosen, and the amount of time you can commit, it could take from as little as 12 weeks to complete aspects of your learning. This is different for each student and do chat to your tutor and they can work out a learning plan and advise on average learning hours that work with your schedule.