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Over the past decade, events planning has become big business in the UK. Previously reserved for our friends across the pond, the UK has embraced this industry along with its associated glamour and intrigue. The industry is worth an estimated £39.1 billion in the UK alone, and it’s no surprise when you consider the numerous areas and industries that events planning spans. We’re not just talking about the most glamorous side of event planning – take a Wedding Planner for example – but events planning can span as far as corporate events too, like annual conferences, networking events and business awards.

The good news is that you don’t need a degree to become an Events Planner. Your success will be based on your knowledge and experience - gain credibility, understand industry trends and build contacts by taking a professional course. Opt for courses that lead to accredited Diplomas in Events Management, with varied additional modules to give you a broad set of skills in areas like wedding planning, business marketing, project management and public relations.

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Why Choose an Events Management Course?

Our Events Management course helps to make a career out of events! If you’re the type of person who’s naturally organised, can multi-task like a pro and you love a good party, you should make a career from it! Take your career prospects up a notch with our premium course! Choose an additional module to specialise your learning and hone new skills for your career in events!

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If you’re prepared for hard work and want to reap the rewards at the end of each project, events planning is most certainly the right industry for you. The events industry isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. A survey found that the largest hiring organisations are in the non-profit sector – accounting for 31% of Event career opportunities.

The industry as a whole is on the up – a quarter of Event companies are continuing to grow their teams, so it’s a great place to secure a new position and grow your career. A study found that employers perceive a lack of professional qualifications for those working in the events industry and are in favour of career-led training to ensure quality assurance.

If you’re unsure of your options or just want to discuss how you could break into this industry further, our friendly Academy Assessors have a wealth of experience and expertise in this area. Your new career starts with a conversation.