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Teaching Assistants are instrumental to any classroom – they help children to reach their full potential and support class teachers in delivering the very best education. Being a Teaching Assistant also offers you the best of both worlds: you’re supporting students, managing their behaviour, assisting with their learning and delivering activities, without the responsibility of creating lesson plans and leading the classroom. In fact, it’s why many people opt for a career as a Teaching Assistant. Plus, there’s no requirement to have a University degree either!

Our courses will get you qualified and equip you with the relevant certifications you need to get noticed in the educational sector. You’ll be ahead of the competition when you start applying for roles and our courses act as a great platform for positions such as a Classroom Assistant, Teaching Assistant or a Learning Support Specialist.

Teaching Assistant roles are highly competitive – to even be considered by a school you need to have relevant skills and certifications. A Level 3 certification will demonstrate your comprehensive understanding of how to support teaching and learning in schools.


Why Choose a Teaching Assistant Course?

You love working with children, are driven to help them achieve their potential and feel at home in the classroom, but you’re finding it difficult to get into your dream career because you don’t have accredited qualifications. Start your career as a Teaching Assistant here.

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The main role of a Teaching Assistant is to provide assistance to the teacher – you are assigned a teacher at the beginning of term and will work together throughout the academic year. The teacher will have identified students who need extra help – you’ll work with them individually or in small groups to complete their work with the extra supervision they need to flourish. Depending on the school you’re working with, you may specialise your support to numeracy, literacy or Special Educational Needs (SEN).
Your career as a Teaching Assistant can be developed in a variety of ways - you have the freedom to choose which age group you work with (Reception, Primary schools, Secondary schools or colleges) and what area you’d prefer to specialise in. These areas include:
Special Education Needs (SEN), Behavioural Specialist, Autism Specialist or understanding children and young people's mental health.
Your new career as a Teaching Assistant starts with a simple conversation. Our friendly Academy Assessors have a wealth of experience discussing routes to your new career - contact us today to learn more.

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