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Microsoft DevOps Bootcamp

Advanced 8 week skill academy

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Microsoft DevOps

To enrol in our Microsoft DevOps course, the contents of your CV will not be judged or scrutinised. We’re looking to support a new generation of tech talent with employer-led and highly in-demand skills. Completing our course gives you a shot at achieving a job position courtesy of our Tech industry sponsors.

DevOps is a practice that is adopted and utilised by many organisations as well as promoting collaboration among many different roles – namely within development, IT operations, quality engineering or security. You can get qualified and begin your career as a DevOps Engineer today!


What Does It Mean to Work in DevOps?

Through teamwork and productivity, DevOps brings people together, technology and processes to continuously bring value to customers. You could have the opportunity to develop a Site Reliability Engineering or an instrumentation strategy, or you could be managing site reliability. You could be working towards facilitating communication, collaboration, or even developing security and compliance plans. The continuous nature of DevOps means that it needs Engineers who are willing to continuously learn and evolve!

How Do I Qualify in DevOps?

Believe it or not, you won’t actually need a degree! To begin a career as a DevOps Engineer, what you will need is a professional certification. With this bootcamp, you will gain that and learn everything you need to become a DevOps Engineer over 8 weeks. Plus, you won’t require any prior CV experience! You’ll earn industry-recognised, Microsoft Azure certifications powered by Millionlights (Microsoft Solution Partner), as well as attaining a job interview with our partnered sponsor after completing the course.

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Microsoft DevOps Bootcamp

This part of the course will provide you with the foundational knowledge of cloud services and how those services are provided with Microsoft Azure. This is intended for candidates who are just beginning to work with cloud-based solutions and services or are new to Azure.


1. Describe Core Azure Concepts
2. Describe Core Azure Services
3. Describe Core Solutions & Management Tools on Azure
4. Describe General Security & Network Security Features
5. Describe Identity, Governance, Privacy & Compliance Features
6. Describe Azure Cost Management & SLAs

Accomplish the following technical tasks: develop an instrumentation strategy; develop a Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) strategy; develop a security and compliance plan; manage source control; facilitate communication and collaboration; define and implement continuous integration; and define and implement a continuous delivery and release management strategy.


1. Develop An Instrumentation Strategy
2. Github Fundamentals
3. Develop A Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Strategy
4. Facilitate Communication & Collaboration
5. Define & Implement Continuous Integration
6. Develop A Security And Compliance Plan

In addition to the extensive curriculum to thoroughly prepare you for qualification and the world of work, you will also have access to an expert tutor to support you through weekly reviews of key topics, FAQ sessions, and project supervision.

Knowing that success in business is not all about tech skills, you will get exposure to Business Leadership and Management CPD content including:

  • Organisation & Delegation
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Leadership & Motivation skills

You'll also receive:

  • Client Delivery Skills: Building Client Relationships - Communicating & Influencing - Project Management (Agile vs. Waterfall) - Customer Service
  • Professional Business Skills: Emotional Intelligence & Resilience - Time Management & Prioritisation - Effective Teamwork
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What Do I Need to Know About the Bootcamp?

Gain entrance into your new career as a DevOps Engineer in our 8 week, fully online bootcamp programme. Upon completion of your 8 week bootcamp, you'll interview with a partner and if successful, start your new career with them!

Graduate with Microsoft certified certifications powered by Millionlights (Microsoft Solution Partner) in Microsoft Azure Fundamentals and Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions. Plus, you will also benefit from gaining Business Leadership and Management CPDs in Organisation & Delegation, Problem Solving & Decision Making, and Leadership & Motivation, as well as support on Client Delivery Skills and Professional Business Skills.

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