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Professional Data Analyst Bootcamp

Advanced 8 week skill academy

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Professional Data Analyst

Don't let your lack of traditional experience prevent you from obtaining the career you desire. Even without a degree and CV-led experience - we want to empower individuals passionate about tech who have highly in-demand skills, coupled with immediate employment opportunities with our panel of leading tech employers.

Being a Data Analyst means that you will be an integral component of any business you work for and with. You'll interpret raw data and devise real, meaningful reports based on your analysis. A Data Analyst's skillset is one sought after by many organisations and with both CIW Data Analyst and Microsoft Data Analyst Associate in demand, you'll develop an advanced understanding of data analysis and analytical capabilities.

Professional Data Analyst

What Does It Mean to Be a Data Analyst?

As a Data Analyst, you'll use your understanding of core fundamentals of statistics and advanced data analysis to support companies to maximise the value of their data assets. Your responsibilites could include designing and building scalable data models, cleaning and transforming data, and providing organisations with value through easily digestible data visualisations.

How Do I Qualify as a Data Analyst?

No need for a degree, however, you'll need a professional understanding to become a Data Analyst. With this bootcamp, you'll be challenged and will benefit from invaluable industry knowledge in your 8 weeks of learning - all without the need for previous experience on your CV. Upon completion, you'll be qualified as a Data Analyst with a CIW Data Analyst Certification. 

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Professional Data Analyst Bootcamp

Introduction to Data Analysis

  • Fundamentals of Data Analysis
  • Introduction to Big Data
  • Working with Data Sources
  • Tools for Capturing and Analysing Data
  • Analysing and Reporting Data
Statistics for Data Analysis
  • Statistics Foundations: The Basics
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Inferential Statistics
SQL for Data Analytics
  • Understanding and describing data
  • The Basics of SQL for Analytics
  • SQL for data preparation
  • Aggregate Functions for Data Analysis
  • Window Functions for Data Analysis
  • Importing and Exporting data
  • Analytics using Complex Data Types
  • Performant SQL
  • Using SQL to Uncover the Truth - a Case Study
Power BI
  • Introduction
  • Analysing Data with self-service BI
  • Connecting to Data Sources
  • Performing Data Cleaning, Profiling and Shaping
  • Visualizing data with Power BI
  • Enhancing Data Analysis
  • Modelling data with calculations
  • Creating Interactive Visualizations
  • Using Advanced Analysis Techniques
  • Enhancing Reports and Dashboards
  • Extending Power BI beyond the Desktop
Regression Analysis with Python
  • Regression - The Workhorse of Data Science
  • Approaching Simple Linear Regression
  • Multiple Regression in Action
  • Logistic Regression
  • Data Preparation
  • Achieving Generalization
  • Online and batch learning
  • Advanced Regression Methods
  • Real world applications for Regression Models
Data Storytelling and Communication
  • What is a Story?
  • Building and Writing your Story

In addition to the extensive curriculum to thoroughly prepare you for qualification and the world of work, you will also have access to an expert tutor to support you through weekly reviews of key topics, FAQ sessions, and project supervision.

Knowing that success in business is not all about tech skills, you will get exposure to Business Leadership and Management CPD content including:

  • Organisation & Delegation
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Leadership & Motivation skills

You'll also receive:

  • Client Delivery Skills: Building Client Relationships - Communicating & Influencing - Project Management (Agile vs. Waterfall) - Customer Service
  • Professional Business Skills: Emotional Intelligence & Resilience - Time Management & Prioritisation - Effective Teamwork

What Do I Need to Know About the Bootcamp?

Gain entrance into your new career as a Data Analyst in our 8 week, fully online bootcamp programme. Graduate with an understanding in Microsoft Data Analyst Associate and  qualify with the CIW Data Analyst Certification. Also, you will benefit from gaining Business Leadership and Management CPDs in Organisation & Delegation, Problem Solving & Decision Making, and Leadership & Motivation, as well as support on Client Delivery Skills and Professional Business Skills.

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