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Hotel Workouts: 5 Exercises to Keep You Fit

hotel-workouts-5-exercises-01.pngIf you’re someone who travels frequently, it can be hard to keep your fitness routine in check. With long flights, jetlag and rubbish hotel gyms (or none at all), getting that workout in might seem impossible. Not true!

Without any equipment at all, you can complete a low-impact workout – anywhere, any time! Using your bodyweight alone can raise your heart rate and help you get a sweat on, keeping your fitness levels up, your mood stable and help you get a better sleep. What’s not to love?!

In need of some workout inspiration for when you’re next away from home? Opt for exercises that work most parts of your body at once for a 20-minute workout that’ll get you out of breath and feeling the burn!

Beat the travel slump with these 5 exercises that will keep you fit…all from your hotel room!

mountain-climbers-hotel-workout-01.pngThe exercise:
Mountain climbers

What it does:
This all over exercise will soon get you out of breath and sweaty! It strengthens arms, shoulders, back, abs and legs…all at once! Plus, the quicker you move, the more of a cardio workout it becomes (so you can give yourself a break from the treadmill with this one!)

How you do it:
  1. Start in a push up position, with your bottom down creating a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles
  2. Keep your hands under your shoulders and your feet slightly apart (but not hip-width)
  3. With your hands straight, drive your right knee towards your left elbow. Return foot to plank position
  4. Now bring your left knee towards your right elbow and return foot to plank position
  5. Repeat in quick succession so that one knee is always being brought forward
  6. Complete 5 rounds of 20-seconds with a 10-second rest in between
Take it up a gear:
Getting too comfortable with your mountain climbers? Then you’re not working hard enough! Take this exercise up a gear by quickening your pace and reducing your rest time. Over time, you’ll be able to increase your reps with longer rounds.

squats-hotel-workout-01.pngThe exercise:

What it does:
The squat focusses on the lower body, improving strength in your quads, hamstrings, glutes and ankles. You can turn it into a sweat session by increasing your speed!

How you do it:
  1. Position your feet hip-width apart and focus your balance on your heels; your hands should be by your sides
  2. Start the squat by pushing your bottom back and lowering into an invisible chair; keep your knees out and over your ankles
  3. Keep your chest and head up, back straight
  4. As you squat, raise your hands to your chest
  5. Drive yourself up to a standing position and actively tilt your hips forward to engage your glutes; push your hands back to starting position by your sides
  6. Complete 3 rounds of 20 reps, with a 10 second rest between each rep
Take it up a gear:
If you’ve got access to a dumbbell or kettlebell (or even small hand luggage!), combine this with your squat! Follow the usual squat routine and hold the weight in-front of your chest with arms straight, or closer to your body.
For an extra challenge, slowly lower into your squat and drive up quickly. Don’t let your form slip here though – be sure to focus on keeping your knees in the correct position and your hips tilted forward when in standing position to activate your glutes.

plank-hotel-workout-01.pngThe exercise:

What it does:
The plank is a great way of strengthening your core, but it can also improve your arm and shoulder strength too! By improving your core, you’ll find your posture sees improvement and reduces strain on your back.

How you do it:
  1. Start on all fours and place your hands shoulder-width apart
  2. Push your feet back and rest on the balls of your feet
  3. Rest your forearms on the ground and keep your bottom down
  4. Make sure you’re creating a straight line down from your shoulders to your ankles
  5. Engage your core by tensing your tummy in slightly – this will also stop your bottom from rising and reduce tension in your lower back
  6. Hold this position for 30-seconds
Take it up a gear:
Increase your hold for as long as you can – be sure to time yourself so you can increase it every time, even if it’s just by a few seconds!
To make your plank even harder, try plank saws! When you’re in your plank position, lift your right leg off the floor slightly and rock backward and forward. Return that foot to the ground and repeat on your left leg – tough, right?!

burpees-hotel-workout-01.pngThe exercise:

What it does:
The burpee is the ultimate full body exercise! It combines strength training with cardio, so you’ll feel pretty tired afterwards. Here you’ll be working your arms, shoulders, abs, back and legs all whilst giving your heart a workout too!

How you do it:
  1. Start in a standing position, feet slightly apart
  2. Lower into a squat and firmly place your hands on the ground in front of you. Keep your hands shoulder-width apart
  3. Kick your feet back into the plank position, keeping your bottom down and creating a straight line from your shoulders down to your ankles. Your arms will remain extended
  4. Bring your feet back to your squat position in a quick motion
  5. Drive up to standing, jumping into the air slightly with arms raised
  6. Repeat as quickly as you can, completing 3 rounds of 5-reps with a 10-second rest in between
Take it up a gear:
The more confident you get with your burpees, the more reps and rounds you’ll be able to complete. Don’t let your form slip just to increase your reps, though.
If you want to take your burpees up a notch, add a push up when you’re in the plank position! You’ll feel more of a burn in your triceps too!

tricep-dips-hotel-workout-01.pngThe exercise:
Tri-cep dips

What it does:
This is an isolated muscle group exercise that focusses on your triceps. As you maintain your form, you might also feel tension on your inner thighs and abs.

How you do it:
  1. Find a stable chair, sofa, bath tub or edge of bed and sit down (keep going, it doesn’t end here!)
  2. Plant your hands beside your bottom, palms down, fingers facing forward
  3. Shimmy your bottom forward so you’re balancing off, with enough space to dip down
  4. Keeping your legs straight out, slowly lower your body down until your elbows are almost at a 90˚ angle
  5. Push your body back up and repeat 3 set of 6-8 reps
Take it up a gear:
As you strengthen your tri-ceps, you’ll be able to increase your reps and then your sets. For a harder workout, add a weight to your thighs. You could wear your backpack on your front (so your dip isn’t obstructed) or place a half empty suitcase across your legs.
So, there you have it! 5 simple exercises you can do in your hotel room or at home to keep you fit and strong!
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