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Teaching Assistant Success Stories: Claire

Claire - Teaching Assistant

What was the reason you chose to take a Teaching Assistant course?

I had been working as a Support Worker for 12 years and whilst I loved my job, I felt like it was the right time for me to make a career change. I’ve always been interested in working with children with special needs - my son is on the spectrum - and I felt it was the right time for me to make this change.

I searched online for different training courses and The Training Room took my attention.

What were you doing before the course?

Prior to studying with The Training Room, I was a Support Worker in a house for visually impaired adults with other disabilities. Not too long after starting the course, an opportunity for a Special Classroom Assistant came available and I was lucky enough to get a job from it!

What did you enjoy about your course?

I enjoyed the entire course! It helped me settle in my new role as a Teaching Assistant, providing me with the knowledge as I was going along. I also appreciated the fact that if I didn’t manage to land myself the job, The Training Room was there to help me with this.

Being able to exchange emails with my own tutor was very handy too!

Were you able to fit your course around other commitments/your lifestyle?

Yes I was! Then lockdown happened, which actually helped me keep to deadlines. Otherwise, yes I was settling into a good study routine.

What was your experience of the course?

I had a great experience with the course - my tutor, Kerry, was always on hand whenever I had a bit of a moment thinking “I may not be able to do this”. She was always so encouraging and helpful! I was also very lucky to be put into a class with a senior lead member of staff and Head of Makaton, so I had great help and advice on my job role.

What's the biggest challenge you encountered on your course?

The biggest challenge I faced was definitely getting and keeping myself motivated. For example, if I had a break for a week or so, I would struggle to get back into a routine. Also, after gaining my full time role, whilst being a single mum to a child on the spectrum, it was challenging!

What was the most memorable aspect of your course?

The support that I received, how efficient my tutor was at getting back to me and the praise offered to me when I struggled through a unit. I always felt happy when I had completed a unit without having to change anything!

How have you used your qualification?

I am in full time work as a Special Support Assistant, but it also gave me the knowledge as I was learning my job role.

I’ve also continued my training - I am completing my Level 3 Understanding Autism course now and am finding it very interesting and helpful - both at work and at home

Having completed the course, what advice would you give people who are considering it themselves?

My advice would be to ask questions if you are ever unsure, and if a deadline is coming up and you need extra time, explain to your tutor as they are there to help you make the experience less stressful.

You do have to put the work in to get the result, and it helps to make a routine as to when you will be able to complete the coursework. I read in a review that there is not enough time to complete the course, but it made me a bit mad because there is more than enough time to complete! As previously mentioned I am a single mum to a child with autism and I work full time, so time can always be made to make it work. The tutors cannot force you to work, you have to do this part yourself!

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

I’d like to thank the whole team at The Training Room as you have been extremely positive and helpful throughout.

My tutor has been amazing for me, helping when I’m having a wobble or just not understanding something - she has been great and I feel lucky to have such a great tutor. I hope that I can keep her for my upcoming courses, however I know that another member of The Training Room will be equally as helpful.