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Personal Training Success Stories: Sarah

Sarah - Personal Training

Sarah Jordan has always been interested in fitness, training and living a healthy lifestyle, even before starting her career in nursing and care. Sarah worked in the healthcare sector for 7 years: “to begin with, I Ioved working in the care sector, but after a while the appeal wore off and my career went a bit stale – I knew I was ready for a career switch.”

Sarah continues: “after 7 years working in the care industry, I sadly I fell out of love with it. I worked hard and learnt a lot but needed a change, life’s too short to not do something you are passionate about!

“After doing some research, I came across The Training Room online and booked a call in with one of their Assessors. I was called by Steve and he was fantastic! He went through everything I would cover on the course and I knew then that personal training was the right path for me!

I chose the full-time course as I was working nights in care at the same time; it really suited me. It meant I could get qualified quickly and continue to earn throughout my course.”

We asked Sarah how she found working and studying a full-time course, she said: “Although it sounds like a lot to do, I was used to long days working, so it really didn’t feel too bad at all. Knowing I could become a qualified Personal Trainer quickly really spurred me on.”

Sarah worked hard and gained her Level 3 Personal Training Diploma successfully, but rather than stop there, she chose to go on to study for her Level 4 Strength and Conditioning qualification.

“Strength and Conditioning has always been my ‘thing’, it is the method I use to train myself, so I really wanted to specialise in Strength and Conditioning to offer my clients cutting edge training that provides great results!”

We caught up again with Sarah a little while after she graduated from her course to find out how her career has been progressing:
"I went straight to Pure Gym only 1-week after graduating and secured a role as a self-employed Personal Trainer! I couldn’t believe I was able to switch careers so easily and so quickly!"

"At first I was running 15 hours of classes a week for Pure Gym and used the rest of my time to build up a strong and consistent client base. After a year at Pure Gym, my client base was so successful that I decided to drop the classes and commit all my working day to training people on a 1-2-1 basis."

“I really enjoyed my time with Pure Gym but was ready for a change, so became a Personal Trainer with Performax Fitness; they’re a small independent gym and I was really happy there…but I was ready for more! Inspired by the gym I was working in, I decided to open my own gym and I haven’t looked back!”

Setting up your own gym is no mean feat, and to say we’re impressed would be an understatement! Sarah told us more about what inspired her to open her own gym: “Since I started working towards my Personal Training Diploma, I knew I wanted to run my own gym. But it always seemed more like a dream than reality, it just never seemed possible. I was just as passionate about launching my own gym as I was about becoming a Personal Trainer – I didn’t regret changing my career then and I knew I wouldn’t regret this. Although it was a big step, I decided to bite the bullet and start looking for a space to renovate and open my own gym. I was looking for the right gym for ages and I finally found a space I fell in love with within a retail park. It was the perfect space for me! There are no other gyms nearby and plenty of businesses so this meant there were lots of potential clients to join my gym!”

red-strength-gym.jpgImages of Sarah's gym Red Strength.

She continues: “My brand is called Red Strength and I will be taking my existing clients with me as well as attracting clients working in the surrounding retail park and offices. At Red Strength we pride ourselves on giving you the best experience in a state-of-the-art environment. It is vital that our client’s training and nutrition is tailored to individual goals, and that the focus is bespoke for each of our clients. At Red Strength we want to help our clients become the best versions of themselves.”

To learn more about Red Strength and Sarah’s continued success, you can check out her Red Strength’s social pages here:

Has Sarah’s story inspired you to start your own journey to becoming a Personal Trainer?