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Personal Training Success Stories: Dan

Dan - Personal Training

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Dan Harris has been passionate about fitness since he was a teenager so studying to become a personal trainer was the next logical step. He had just returned from travelling and was ready to get stuck into a career. Dan said “It’s not often you get a chance to turn something you are passionate about into a career. I always feel if you have the opportunity to do something you enjoy, you should do it!”

After speaking to his family and friends about his decision to become a PT, a close friend (one of our previous students) recommended The Training Room to him. On choosing The Training Room, Dan said: “One of my friends, who is now a really successful personal trainer at David Lloyd, received their qualification through The Training Room. They spoke very highly about the academy, tutor and course and I was inspired by their success. The 3-year career support also really appealed to me.”

He continues, “Another key element in choosing The Training Room was the 5-week fast-track course option as it meant I could start working as a PT quickly! The price of the course also suited my budget, it just seemed like the right place for me.”

Upon speaking to our academy assessors, Dan decided he wanted to take our fast-track course, so he could begin his career and start earning a salary quicker. We asked Dan to tell us a little about what he enjoyed most about his course and what was most useful to him. Here’s what he told us: “I really enjoyed the learning style and the hands-on approach. We would learn something in the classroom in the morning and then apply it practically in the gym afterwards, this really helps you to understand and remember the content. I always find it easier learning something if you can apply it in a real-world situation rather than just reading about it. My tutor was brilliant, he provided great support throughout the course, and because there is so much to learn in a very short space of time I really feel his guidance was integral to my success.”
Our fast-track course is an extremely popular option for many people looking to start their career as a PT in a shorter timeframe, but it isn’t for the faint-hearted. As Dan mentioned, there is a lot to learn in a short space of time so the course is aimed at the most committed students who display dedication to their future career in the fitness industry. Because the learning is intense, we asked Dan how he found fitting the course and study time around his commitments and personal life.

Dan said: “It was fine for me. I was working on my dad’s farm throughout my time on the course and I still found enough time to study, this was mostly down to the flexibility of the course. Other than the 2 days in the gym, we were allowed quite a lot of free rein. Yes, there were deadlines, but these were not very restricting - if I wanted to work on the farm in the morning and study in the afternoon I had the freedom to; it worked just fine for me.”

We pride ourselves on offering a full service to our students, from a first-class course to excellent career support to help you enter the fitness industry and start your career! We asked Dan to tell us about his career since successfully graduating from The Training Room as a Level 3 Personal Trainer, here’s what he told us: “My career support officer Saraya was fantastic, she did all the work to secure my role at Fitness First. All I had to do was send my CV to Saraya and she put my application forward to Fitness First as soon as I passed my PT course! One week later I was starting my new role as a Personal Trainer with them! I’m really enjoying my new career! It’s hard work, but very rewarding and I now have quite a few clients and it’s really going well!”

Dan goes on to say: “I’m really committed to my future in health and fitness, so I have 3 CPDs booked in with The Training Room, these are Gym Based Boxing, Studio Cycling and Metabolic Circuits. I thought it would be a good idea to complete these so I can offer a complete package to my clients and increase my earning potential. I think it’s always important to further your knowledge, especially in an industry like health and fitness as it’s always developing. If you’re not providing a specialised service to your clients, someone else will.”

We think it’s really important to seek the feedback from our graduated students to ensure that the course offers everything they need, and also to see what advice they would offer to anyone looking to take a fast-track Personal Training course with us. Dan’s advice is: “If fitness is something you are passionate about I would say do it, it is a competitive industry and it isn’t easy, but it isn’t often you get the chance to make a career out of something you really love”.
Thanks Dan! We wish you all the best for your CPD courses and for your continued success as a PT! You can keep up to date with Dan’s career by following him on Instagram: @dan_eqfit

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