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Personal Training Success Stories: Becky

Becky - Personal Training

The power of flexible training and career support!

Becky had tried a college course and found it wasn’t for her, so after leaving college she got a part-time job in retail…however something was still missing from her life.

Becky decided to re-boot her efforts into finding that missing piece and found what she really wanted was a career in the fitness industry. Becky says “I wanted to try something new and exciting and I was really into fitness, so I thought the course would be a perfect fit. It took me a while to take the leap and start the course as I was a little nervous after my experience with college, but the assessor that I was in contact with provided me with so much helpful information that made my decision to start my journey on a new career that much easier.”
Becky made the decision to take our part-time personal trainer course to allow her to continue to earn a living whilst studying to become a qualified PT. We asked Becky how she found fitting the course around her personal life and work commitments, Becky said “The course schedule worked really well for me! It being 2 days a week was really convenient and the fact it was a set schedule allowed me to plan around it with ease, I was working 30 hours a week in retail, and I didn’t ever feel overwhelmed with work or my training.”
Talking more about her experience on the course, Becky continues “My tutors were amazing, they worked at a good pace and I never felt like the learning was rushed even though it was over so quickly! They effectively combined the theory and practical, so we would learn something on the theory side and put it into practice and I found that a really good way to learn. All of the training was so interesting, it felt more like a hobby than studying which really worked for me!”
Once Becky graduated her course, she made use of our dedicated career support team to help her find her first position as a personal trainer, however it wasn’t quite the fit she was looking for and turned back to them for further support.

Becky tells us “The career support team were great, their responses were always quick and efficient and a really convenient aspect of the course. Initially I started a role at a different gym than where I am working now, and I wasn’t enjoying it, it just wasn’t for me, but the career support team were fantastic and managed to help me get into my current job at Nuffield Health which I love! It was really helpful having the extra guidance as soon as I passed the course and comforting to know I could turn back to them when things didn’t feel right at first. It can be quite daunting going into a new career and having people who know the industry and help you get into work is fantastic. I also have friends who were qualified elsewhere and even though they enjoyed the courses they were on, they really struggled once they had finished as they did not have any career support. I’m so glad I did!”
We’re glad to have helped Becky find somewhere she’s really happy and we asked her to tell us more about her new position at Nuffield Health, Becky says “I enjoy everything about my job, it’s fantastic doing a job you love! This career has really boosted my confidence and I really enjoy the interactions I have every day at work, no two days are the same, but my favourite part of working as a personal trainer is helping clients! Being able to help them and see the changes they go through is so inspiring! It’s so rewarding to be able to help someone achieve their fitness goals!”
Becky offered the following advice for anyone thinking of becoming a personal trainer, she said “Go for it! Don’t hold back! You could change someone else’s life and your own! Also, the industry is always changing and it’s really exciting to be a part of. With so much potential for progression and freedom to be your own boss, the opportunities are endless!”