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IT Success Stories: Adil

Adil - IT

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Adil was working in the health care industry when he decided he was ready for a change of scenery and a brand-new career. Although he still enjoyed many areas of his work in social care, he found that he had hit a wall in his career progression and decided to see what other options were available to him. 
After having a look into the industries that Adil might like to re-train for, he settled on IT. Adil said “I was looking online at what industry I should retrain for and the IT sector really appealed to me. I saw that it had mass potential, loads of jobs in the industry and great room for progression. I have always had a passion for IT, I just wasn’t sure how to get into it and that’s when I came across The Training Room on Google. I spoke to one of the assessors there and it was great to talk to them about the industry and how to get certified and industry ready. I chose The Training Room’s course as the flexibility their IT course offered really appealed to me, it would allow me to work and study in my own time, which for me was really important as I needed to work to pay the bills.”
Speaking about his experience on the course, Adil said: “My tutor David was great! He was super supportive the whole time and was always willing to help. I really enjoyed the course content, I found it extremely interesting which always helps when you’re studying. I’ve always found if I am enjoying and interested in what I am studying, it makes it a lot easier to take in and remember! I also really like the eLearning platform, the way the content is laid out is a really user-friendly experience.” He continues “My biggest challenge was being able to prioritise my study time as I was working full-time in the health and social industry, which sometimes resulted in long and tiring days. Some days I would be so tired from work that I wouldn’t be able to do as much studying as I would like. However, as I had 18 months to complete my course I knew I could relax and enjoy the time that I was able to study. Just because I missed a couple days of studying here and there, I knew I had plenty of time to make up for it.”
Adil has to managed secure a role in the IT industry before he finished his course, Adil tells us: “I was headhunted by a recruiter and got an interview for a role as a User Support Analyst. From the first interview everything went well, and I secured the role! My new workplace has clients all across the UK, mainly in the retail and banking industry, and the main part of my role is to solve a variety of IT issues for our clients. I am really enjoying my new career in the IT industry and look forward to where it takes me in the future!”
We’re so proud of Adil and the hard work he is putting into his course, we asked him what advice he would give to anyone about to start an IT course with us, Adil said: “Always plan ahead, use a study schedule and set goals so you can use your study time wisely. I would highly recommend The Training Room for anyone interested in training for a career in the IT industry. I would definitely push people to take the Premium Infrastructure Technician course with The Training Room, it is a big commitment and a big step to take, but it’s worth it to make a difference to your life!”