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Events Management Success Stories: Shannon

Shannon - Events Management

What was the reason you chose to take an Events Management course?

I chose to complete an Events Management course because, ever since I was young, I have loved to pre-plan and organise every aspect of my life! I feel that this is definitely what I am best at.
Before deciding to take on the course, I was working as a community carer. It’s not a bad job at all as it’s very rewarding! However, I always felt there was more out there for me to do. Planning weddings and other events is something I felt was a right career path for me and something I felt I would be happy doing.

Why did you choose The Training Room?

I saw an ad for The Training Room one day and immediately applied. Within no time at all I had a call back from an Academy Assessor where they explained how it all works and exactly what I would get.

It was quite overwhelming to begin with as it all sounded too good to be true! I refused to believe it was legitimate at first, however, I did some research and soon realised it was. I decided to proceed with The Training Room on the same day of the phone call as I was so excited to get started.

What did you enjoy about the course?

For me, rather than one individual thing being the most enjoyable, I just loved the fact that the course is very well explained, and the work was fun! I instantly felt that my mind was in a world of an Events Planner.
The Events Management course explains everything there is to possibly know about becoming an Events Planner. Also, I completed the course in only 3 months!

What was your experience of the course?

The course was truly amazing, and I now feel that I have the full professional knowledge of an Events Planner. The tutors are very helpful and understanding and the support was unbelievable.
I think the most memorable moment I had during the course was the first time I felt it was actually possible to qualify and work as an Events Planner in the future. The course gave me the drive to go ahead with this qualification.
I’m usually someone who will sit on a piece of work for many months or struggle to get motivated. This course, however, drew my attention from the beginning so I made the time for it.

What's the biggest challenge you encountered on the course?

I found that the first task that we were set was quite difficult, so I had to ask my tutor pretty much straight away to help me understand it. My tutor taught me to just look at the question in the right frame of mind. Once you have done this and then completed the first task, the rest comes fairly easily!

How have you used your qualification?

Once I completed the qualification, I managed to find a job at a venue which has around 2-6 weddings a week. I get to help with setting up and have the opportunity to see how weddings are planned and executed through to the end.
It’s a really great experience and I’m already starting to feel more confident. I have also worked at many music gigs and festivals including Ed Sheeran, Isle of Wight and Latitude – which helps!

Did you utilise the Career Support team?

The Career Support team are great – they have helped me to build an amazing CV! They also managed to land me a role with a great Events company doing an exhibition which is next month. I will gain great experience in seminars and workshops!

Tell me about your career since graduating from The Training Room - what have you done and what does your future look like?

My future is looking great and now, since graduating, I’m really excited as to what may come next. I have a lot more festivals and exhibitions to come and many, many more weddings!
I’m also doing three more courses with The Training Room with the intention of further help towards my future as an Events Planner. I feel once they are completed, then who knows what’s to come?

Having completed the course, what advice would you give people who are considering it themselves?

Do it! It won’t be a mistake. Sometimes, you’ll probably feel like you’re getting nowhere but just remember to stay positive, believe in yourself and work hard and you’ll succeed!