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Events Management Success Stories: Fatima

Fatima - Events Management

What was the reason you chose to take an Events Management course?

I’ve always had a natural flair for organising events as I’ve done charity events in the past. I’m actually a stand-up comedian so have organised gigs and have a charity comedy event coming up in support of the London Air Ambulance.

I didn’t want my experience to go to waste but I wanted to try something different. I saw the events management course as a great way of learning new skills to help launch a new business.

Why did you choose The Training Room?

I searched Events Management courses online and The Training Room appeared. I did see other courses but none seemed as in-depth or widespread as The Training Room and I wanted a variety of modules. I ended up studying a bit of everything in the course, including wedding planning and corporate events!

I wanted to learn about wedding planning and, although there were other wedding planning courses, I didn’t want to come away from other types of events, so I found this course was the right mix.

Were you able to fit your course around other commitments and your lifestyle?

Yes! I was working in a school with special needs children at the time which was through an agency, so it was pretty flexible. As my course was online-based, I didn’t need to travel anywhere and was able to complete it in the comfort of my own home.

What was your overall experience of the course?

My tutor, Gill, was fantastic! If a unit came back and I didn’t quite grasp the questions, she’d leave a message and give me enough time to correct my mistakes. Even if I had no faults, she’d always put a recommendation on something that I could still improve. This was so helpful as it’s something you can take on board for the next time. 

What’s the biggest challenge you encountered on your course?

Definitely settling back into studies! I hadn’t studied since doing my degree, so the first module was quite difficult to get my head around. I really wanted to do the course but had to make sure I wasn’t running before I could walk.

How have you used your qualification?

Since graduating I sent off applications and found work as a Hospitality and Events Assistant at the Hilton so I’m already gaining experience! The Training Room have also put my name down for an Expo event which is taking place in March.

Did you utilise the career support team? How did they help you?

They were brilliant and completely revamped my CV! Previously I had every job on there and they helped me realise what actually needed to be in a CV and what was relevant, so they were really supportive.

Tell me about your career since graduating from The Training Room – what have you done and what does your future look like?

In the long run I hope to become a Wedding Planner. I’d like to set up my own company, but I still have a fair way until I can do that. I’ve been looking at wedding events and how to set up businesses and, of course, want to get experience as a Wedding Planning Assistant first.

Having completed the course, what advice would you give people who are considering it themselves?

Listen to the tutor feedback, be patient and just keep going. Doing an online course means you don’t have any physical classmates, so always message your tutor if you are unsure about anything.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I had a great experience with The Training Room – I always thought online courses were a waste of money but it really turned me around. I never thought someone would actually be there to support me, then I received all these emails with tutor feedback so it was brilliant and would definitely recommend it.