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We’ve invested in expert tutors; this means we’re able to offer the very best in training to our students.

We’re proud of developing our tutors to ensure you benefit from their experience and vast knowledge. Get to know our tutors from their bio’s below and see how you can rely on their expertise!

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Health and Fitness Tutors


I’ve worked in Fitness since I left school at 16, starting out in a Hotel Leisure club qualifying as a Fitness Instructor and then Personal Trainer. At 19, I left to open my first club for JJB Sports as part of the Management team,  I subsequently went on to have a 5 year career with DW Sports Fitness working as an Operations Manager and Assistant General Manager. During that time I was lucky enough to open several new clubs and develop the PT product and Fitness Apprentice role within my club.

I’ve been teaching the Personal Training diploma since 2013 and have loved every minute of working for The Training Room. My job never feels like work as I get to talk fitness all day long! The best bit is being able to help and support people and see them achieve their L3 Qualification!

Self-confessed group exercise addict! If I’m not in the gym, I’m teaching classes and if I’m not doing that, then I’m studying something- most recently a Level 5 diploma in Soft Tissue Therapy. I also enjoy being outdoors, travelling and spending time with family and friends.



I came to the health & fitness industry as a second career but now I feel that I’ve found my true passion in life. After graduating with The Training Room, I spent time working in gyms, with clients, GP Referral and taking further qualifications. It’s always been my dream from day one to become a tutor with The Training Room and now I’m working at the academy where I first started my course. I’m excited for my future working with The Training Room. I strongly believe that if I can do it, you can too and I’m thrilled to be supporting learners on their health & fitness journeys, especially at the beginning of their careers. I can pass on my knowledge of ‘real life’ gym floor work as well as my experience of working with my own PT clients.

I’ve worked with a huge variety of members and clients, from people with serious medical conditions in a council-run gym to the experienced exercisers in a corporate gym. As well as teaching, I enjoy celebrating what my own body can do through exercise and my personal journey has made me much fitter and stronger than when I was in my 20s.

Gym of course! Walking my dog. Film and books. Music is a massive part of my life. Bickering with my two teenagers and running around after my youngest.



I’ve always been passionate about Health & Fitness and knew early on it was the career I wanted to pursue. I specialised in Physical Education and Business for my A-Levels, before getting my degree in Sports Therapy from Coventry University. Whilst studying for my degree, I was given various placements in a clinic and semi-professional rugby clubs. I worked hard and enjoyed sport specific rehabilitation within the sports club, so was delighted to be offered a job when I gained my degree.

I pursued a Sports Physiotherapy route for a club and worked to improve my skills by taking up a qualification in Personal Training. I became self-employed before working for PureGym. I took my course through The Training Room – now I’m a tutor in the Academy I studied in!

My hobbies are related to fitness so I spend a lot of time in the gym and on the football pitch! I help to run my local football club which is made up of around 150 children from 6 different teams – this keeps me quite busy! I also love to travel and learn from other cultures.



I’ve been interested in movement, health & fitness for as long as I can remember! My background is in dance, and I gained my initial dance training & further qualifications at the Royal Academy of Dance & the University of Durham. For many years I taught dance from beginner through to professional level, and also specialised in teacher training, teaching & assessing dance teachers for many years. I also taught Pilates to my dance students, & this became my “stepping stone” into re-training as a Personal Trainer. Nowadays in my own PT business I like to coach quite holistically, looking at both physical and mental health, & coaching my clients in exercise, nutrition & stress management. Tutoring with the Training Room has brought me full circle, as I’ve been able to bring together my twin passions of ‘teacher training’ and health & fitness, and help shape the PTs of the future…& I absolutely love it!

Between working with The Training Room and running around after my 2 boys I don’t have a lot of energy for much else! However when I can fit something in around that & my training I love theatre & travel, and I love spending time with friends.



I’ve worked in the fitness industry for the past 14 years. I started work as a cleaner/lifeguard when I was 16 for a local health club and worked my way up through the years. My career path included such roles as Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Fitness Manager, Duty Manager, Operations Manager and Assistant General Manager.

I have now been working for The Training Room for the past 2 years, and it’s honestly the best job I have ever done! I love every minute of going to work because I get the chance to meet and help so many people on their fitness journey, by passing on the knowledge and experience which I have picked up over the years.

A bit dull, but training is my life. I eat, sleep and breathe training. If I’m not at work or eating I’m usually in the gym training!

Although I am not actively working as a PT anymore, I still coach and prep a couple of competitive bodybuilders in my spare time.



I have been lucky enough to work in the Health & Fitness industry for over 20 years. During this time, I’ve worked in the UK and abroad. My background is as a professional dancer – I graduated from the Northern Ballet in Manchester and have always had a passion for fitness. During my years as a ballet dancer, I developed an interest in fitness and personal training – this made me decide to become a Personal Trainer.  

I have worked with The Training Room since 2009 and I have enjoyed passing on my knowledge and industry experience to my students. Before working in e-learning, I spent 6 years teaching full-time courses in the Liverpool Academy. I’m qualified with a BSc Hons in Sports Science, Exercise Referral and Pilates.

My free time is spent with friends and I love spending time in, and developing, my garden.



I started in the fitness industry over 20 years ago (wow that makes me feel old). In that time I spent I’ve many positions, from gym instructor, teaching classes, self-employed personal training, management, area manager etc. 
I started teaching courses around 12 years ago and have been lucky to take my career to the UAE and India helping raise the qualification standards in those countries. I’ve also been privileged to write CPD workshops in my time there. If you ever get the chance to work over in the UAE, do it you’ll love it.
As well as teaching I’ve recently I’ve been concentrating on my own online coaching business, building my client base bit by bit. It’s amazing how you can still achieve amazing results without ever seeing a client in person.

Other than my love of fitness I’m so lazy when it comes to hobbies. I tend to spend my down time playing video games, watching movies and Netflix. Yep, I’m a full on nerd at heart. I’ve also recently started a course on drawing which I’ve always wanted to do.



I started with The Training Room in July 2014 and haven’t looked back since. My background has always been in Fitness and Education ranging from working in Primary & Secondary schools to a variety of football and rugby union teams. Over the last few years of working with The Training Room I have met some fantastic people and progressed in the industry more than I ever thought I would.

The main bulk of my personal training business is movement and injury rehabilitation. Getting individuals to move better to improve performance is a huge passion of mine. This can range from looking at an individual’s joint restrictions, muscle dynamics, core stability and completion of everyday tasks such as standing, walking, running squatting etc.

My main interests are rugby union both coaching and participating. I am currently Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for Halifax Vandals Rugby Union Football Club.  This is the second season I have taken on the S&C role as at the end of my first season in 2015/2016 the club gained promotion.



Having been lucky enough to be around a high Level of Sport in my youth (Football, Rugby and Athletics), I was not so lucky to receive a bad injury when I broke my knee but this started my gym journey at the age of 14. Since then I’ve used my experience to enter a rewarding and fulfilling career that has had me running businesses in various gyms as a Personal Trainer, working with clients around the world and getting to live in Dubai, taking the step into Managing and Running commercial gyms, being celebrated as the PT of the year for Scotland and Ireland plus recognised as The Global PT Specialist by the Scottish Enterprise Awards and other associated organisations for the past 5 years to lastly being a Tutor that’s passionate about helping the next generation of trainers coming through.

My passion is in helping others and I cannot wait to continue this by helping you!

I love a cinema trip when I can manage it along with traveling and seeing different places/cultures around the world. When I get the chance I love doing charity work be it a marathon, bungie jumping or boxing ill get in the thick of it to raise money for good causes.

At home a good movie again or video game is what you’ll catch me doing. Any other occasion you will see me in the gym lifting heavy stuff and putting it back down. I do still love playing football but I don’t think my body does anymore, haven’t found a team that will have me yet which might just be for the best.



This section always makes me feel old! I have been personal training since I left college in 2000. I went on to manage fitness facilities in exclusive country clubs. During this time, I would also personal train clients from their home and local parks.

I have been teaching Personal Training courses since 2008 and now my focus is Online Personal Training and outdoor boot camps. I enjoy training clients for sports specific performance and specialise in rugby, martial arts, tennis and golf.

I have always been in to sports, mostly martial arts which I have studied since 1989!! And rugby. I have previously owned 2 martial arts clubs and have coached a few seasons of under 11’s rugby. My current training inspiration is the NFL as some of the training drills they focus on is awesome!

Other hobbies include teaching my little girl some martial arts moves, which back fire when she starts hitting me. I also enjoy growing my own fruit and vegetables in the garden, my strawberries are delicious!


IT Tutors


Academy: E-Learning

I have 4 years' experience working as an independent game designer and a further 2 years in IT infrastructure and technical support. My specialty is IT office support and network maintenance which is why I oversee looking after and supporting our students enrolled on our Infrastructure Technician and Network Specialist programmes.

It can be hard for many people to know what their direction is and even harder to find help to get them on their way. I was lucky enough to find that with The Training Room and earn this opportunity. I intend to use this position to be there to support our students into the careers they want and deserve, and I strongly believe that the CompTIA certifications we offer here are a fantastic starting place for any budding It professional.

I am an avid gamer and in my spare time, I still create various games in a multitude of mediums from computer games to board games and nearly every type in between. I have a keen interest in creative writing and a passion for learning and helping others to improve themselves.




Academy: E-Learning

I was a Lecturer in IT for many years and then moved into assessing apprentices studying IT, software, web and telecoms Level 3 and 4.

I moved into tutoring at The Training Room because I love mentoring and supporting students and helping them achieve their qualifications and watching them grow in confidence.

My hobbies include volunteering, walking, cooking, travelling and reading.



I have worked at all levels of IT Service Support and as an Analyst within the security industry for a number of years, specialising in Social Engineering. I have worked on many short contracts assisting small and medium sized companies incorporate better IT infrastructure into their working lives, implementing everything from stock control systems and hand scanners, to a fully-fledged online presence and provided the training to go alongside that.

I love helping people to learn and self-improve, all starting out when I volunteered to teach IT workshops, which led to working as a youth worker, Business skills and Business studies coach and later as a self-defence instructor. At university I took my love for kayaking and became an instructor for it, as well as continuing to coach Business Studies students and mentoring new and returning students as they began to learn about learning!

At The Training Room I hope to take my passion for coaching, supporting and learning, and help others to achieve their goals at a pace and in an environment to suit them.

My favourite sports are kayaking and swimming, luckily they sometimes go hand-in-hand, I love walking and I am lucky enough to live close to both the New Forest and the Jurassic Coast. I love reading - Space Opera Sci-Fi novels are my go-to, the kind that weigh so much you either have to use an e-reader or hit the gym to hold it!

I have a passion for gaming, I run a local gaming group and take part in anything from dice, board, card, screen, tabletop miniatures and roleplaying games. I tend to dip my toes in all and at home I am never more than 5 feet from a set of dice or pack of Uno cards.



Academy: E-Learning

'I taught myself to program, beginning in the very early days of home computing, when floppy disks were considered cutting edge technology. Instead of taking the usual educational route, I did an art degree, and managed to wow the examiners with my computer animations; they were extremely primitive, but nobody had seen anything like it at the time.

I worked in the IT industry from 1989 to 2005, and embarked on a second degree, this time focussing on Java programming and website development. I mainly worked for companies that specialise in defence systems and video processing, but had a hankering for teaching, so I left to deliver Computer Science in colleges, and also to teach English as a foreign language. 

I joined The Training Room in February 2017, and am delighted to be part of such a highly skilled and supportive team. I am at my happiest when I am finding new ways to explain things to students who are stuck on a difficult topic, and happier still when they tell me they've finally got it.'

'I write science fiction and fantasy. In 1991 I sold my first short story, which appeared in a collection alongside the works of authors such as Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. In 2002, while Doctor Who was off the TV, I sold a spin-off novel to BBC Worldwide, and had the pleasure of seeing my book on the shelves in Waterstones.'


Education Tutors


My career began in Human Resources where I very quickly realised my passion was within Training, Learning and Development. I completed my Degree and master’s in training & HRD whilst working, an early version of a modern day apprenticeship! Vocational learning has always been important to me, supporting all learners to achieve the best they can is so rewarding and beneficial to all involved. I have managed an S/NVQ Assessment Centre and assessed and internally verified learners. I continued to gain experience within Training and Development within Local Authorities and Not for Profit Sectors for a number of years, managing large teams of staff, budgets and advising at senior level.

I reviewed my work life balance and family circumstances and in 2010 I changed career and worked as a TA in a local primary school. Many of my skills and experiences were transferable and I thoroughly enjoyed this role. Supporting teaching and learning, working alongside teachers, delivering learning and contributing to the growth and development of children is such a privilege. I completed my own Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Young People’s Workforce and gained a wealth of experience supporting children with special educational needs. I have taught Phonics cross KS1 and 2, have experience of planning differentiated lessons and how to include children with SEN difficulties.

I have worked alongside young people at a sixth form college, supporting students with specific learning difficulties. Promoting independence and equipping them with study and organisational skills to fulfil the requirements of their individual FE courses. Supporting students to achieve Functional Skills Maths and English as well as supporting GCSE students and preparing them for formal exams.

My aim now is to support learners to achieve the skills necessary to ensure that all children and young people achieve the very best they can.

I enjoy keeping fit and my daughter would describe me as a bit of a gym bunny! I actually prefer classes like Body Combat and Zumba. My cockapoo keeps me busy as I enjoy getting out for long walks with her. Visiting my daughter at Uni by the seaside is a great way to relax. Eating a good meal out with a glass of wine makes it all the better.



In 2011 I graduated from the University of Plymouth with a degree in Primary Education (5-11 years) and began my career teaching in a small junior school in Somerton, Somerset. Since then, I have had the I have had the opportunity to work in many different educational settings in several different countries including the Middle East (Dubai and Qatar). Whilst working in the Middle East I taught across the key stages mainly in year 2. I gained a huge amount of experience in planning differentiated lessons and how to develop learning for children with SEN/EAL difficulties including Autism, Dyslexia and children with substantial behavioural problems.

In 2015, when I returned from Dubai, I had the privilege of working with some very supportive and well-trained SEN 1:1 TAs and TAs who were trained in supporting children with Autism and substantial behavioural issues. I learnt a lot from these TAs, and I was able to use my knowledge to develop TAs in Qatar who had English as an additional language and little to no training for the position they were undertaking. In 2019 I returned from Qatar and worked in Inner London, in year 5. I had a high number of SEN children in this class and a very strong, hardworking TA who I had to deploy strategically to support these children which meant I needed to immediately form a good bond with her, and extra planning put in place to support these children.

In May 2020, my son was born, and I have been unable to return to teaching, but I really wanted to keep in the teaching profession. I decided that I would like to pass on my love of education using my knowledge and understanding of teaching and learning and the effectiveness a great TA has on a child’s school journey, so I undertook the L3 award in Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment to begin tutoring and supporting Teaching Assistants so that I can pass on my first hand experience and help the learners to develop their skills in this field.

I have recently become a mum to a wonderful little boy, and it has turned my world upside down. I am amazed every day by the new things that he learns and how he changes every day. It has given me the passion and commitment to create learning opportunities for him and split my time to develop these skills. My main passion is baking, and my mother and I made my wedding cake. My other passion in life is travelling. I have recently travelled to Sri Lanka and I loved embracing their culture and learning about the Sri Lankan way of life.




I have worked in the education sector for just under twenty years. I started at Primary level as a teaching assistant and worked in all year groups from reception to year 6. My main area was children with SEND.I was employed to work with a pupil with Asperger’s Syndrome and in the same class there was a pupil with hemiplagia and another with global learning delay.

During this time, I gained my HLTA award and moved to covering teachers who had PPA time. I continued to work with children with SEND needs and supported the teaching and learning of these children as well as mainstream level children. I was offered the opportunity to become the inclusion manager for the school I worked in. This gave me greater opportunities to really change the way SEND was looked at and to develop learning strategies that were specific to the needs of the children and to lead a super group of TAs to deliver interventions for them.

I also looked at those children who were experiencing other barriers to learning how we could support them. It started with a small group aimed at improving fine and gross motor skills but eventually expanded to those who had low confidence and self-esteem. This proved to be very successful, and I was able to train other TAs to deliver the group work and expand to more pupils. My passion to overcome barriers to learning has been sustained throughout my career in education. I worked closely with a child who was in care and had suffered immense trauma which led me to change roles and work in the local authority Virtual School for Looked After Children from 2010 to 2021, a role looking specifically at getting the best outcomes for disadvantaged learners. While doing this I worked across all cohorts from 5 years old to 18 years old. This led me to look at what opportunities were available for adult learners who had not had the best start in school but had returned to learning later in life-hence joining TTR where I now have the privilege of supporting adult learners in achieving their opportunities.

I love to spend time with my family and friends. Going for meals and chatting is a joy. I love to read and am a massive Stephen King fan. I also like films and TV-my guilty pleasure is the Australian Soap Home and Away. Feel free to judge me!

I took up Tai Chi earlier in 2021 and do an online class every Saturday and really enjoy it. It is great for flexibility and relaxation and stops me from being a total couch potato!

My favourite place is at the beach (not fussy which one) and will grab any chance for a beach day and if my family can join me so much the better!

I also love to play word games like Scrabble when I get the chance.



I worked in the Education and Childcare Sector for 15 years starting in nursery education and then school’s as a Teaching Assistant.  I worked my way up into management and took a role as a Nursery Manager and Special Educational Needs Coordinator.  To further my knowledge and understanding of SEN, I worked with families and in SEN school’s using my wealth of knowledge to support children and their parents with additional needs with a variety of Specific Learning Difficulties.

After spending so many years developing my knowledge and skills, I decided to complete training in Assessing Vocational Qualifications and Education and Training (PLTTS) having completed an apprenticeship during my time in nursery.  This way, I could support Nursery Assistants and Teaching Assistants to develop great practices and become outstanding practitioners.  My aim since completing these qualifications has been to provide training to the staff within Education Facilities to ensure children and young people are receiving the best possible support in their education.

As an Essex girl living on the South Coast, I spend a lot of time with friends and family visiting me or heading back home to visit them.  I love films and TV and will happily spend evenings and weekends binge watching something on Netflix!  As I wasn’t born and raised in Dorset, I spend time visiting tourist locations in and around the county, taking in the sights and perhaps having a cheeky glass of wine and a nice meal out while I do it.


Accounting and Finance Tutors



I am an AAT qualified member and a Certified Chartered Accountant with great passion towards the field of education and training. My passion is seeing my learners succeed in their education. I am constantly looking for innovative ways to support my students which led to my recent completion of the Award in Education and Training to better enhance my approach.

I have over 10 years experience working in various Bookkeeping and Accounting capacities. Before joining The Training Room, I was a lecturer at a university where I taught and supported Accounting and finance students from foundation year to level 6.

I enjoy walking and spending time with family and friends.