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Daniel Disney

Head of IT Service Line

Daniel is a highly driven and passionate business leader. With extensive experience and knowledge within the IT education sector he’s driven by helping people and businesses grow. Having worked within senior positions at the UK’s largest IT Apprenticeship provider and the world’s largest independent IT training provider he’s keen to bring that all together to provide industry leading career courses with The Training Room.
Daniel believes The Training Room have a fantastic place in the market in providing people with the knowledge and skills needed to kick start an IT career. By working with IT companies of all sizes Daniel is ensuring that our courses are designed for the employer by the employer and built to provide our students with the best training possible.
Outside of work Daniel loves writing regular blogs on LinkedIn and creating social content. He enjoys reading business books, listening to music, watching films and the odd box-set binge.
His passions include:
 His family

  • Technology and Gadgets
  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Films

Our Management Team

Chris Peel

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Peel joined The Training Room in 2020 as CEO, bringing a wealth of experience as an accomplished business leader built across a number of different markets, including the training and education sector. Prior to joining the organisation, he ran one of the largest training and education companies operating in the U.K. today, a business he set up and led for 5 years.

Chris brings to The Training Room an excellent track record in developing and growing organisations, capitalising on market change to gain competitive advantage and generating strong, sustainable returns. He operates with a passion for product innovation and maximising on technological change to meet ever-changing customer needs.

What he enjoys most about his role is taking great pride in developing his teams, building strong customer relationships and delivering products and services that have a genuine, positive and long-lasting socio-economic impact within the wider community.

His passions in life include:

  • Family, friends and seeing his son develop
  • Understanding people, their motivations and seeing true potential being achieved
  • Learning new skills and continuously developing
  • Watching and playing sport, a passion for rugby, cricket and golf
  • Supporting charities as a non-exec/trustee
  • Learning and experiencing different cultures
  • The thrill of overcoming difficult challenges with the team

Chris joined the Training Room because of its ambition, the organisation’s growing reputation, the talent that exists within the business and above all, its genuine values to want to make a significant difference to people’s lives, connecting our students with sustainable opportunities and helping people realise their full potential in vocations they are passionate about.

Chris Peel

Paul Arnold

Chief Operating Officer

Paul has worked for The Training Room since 2009 and has been in a privileged position to see the business move from strength to strength. Paul believes strongly that anyone should be able to further their career and job opportunities via the medium of training regardless of their economic situation.

Paul and his team have worked hard to enable students to start their dream career.

Paul is a previous graduate of Politics and Social Studies at the University of Southampton and a Poole Grammar School alumni.

His passions include:

  • His young family
  • Travelling and embracing different cultures and customs
  • Allowing talent to grow and develop into future leader
  • Southampton FC
  • Poole Town FC
  • Hampshire Cricket Club

Paul shares the ambition of wanting to see 10,000 students qualified and into new careers within the next five years.

You can follow Paul on twitter on @ArnieTTR or connect on LinkedIn.

Paul Arnold COO

Lyndsey Farnham Assoc. CIPD

Group HR and Operations Director

Lyndsey has worked for The Training Room since 2013 and is responsible for the people and student welfare of the business in addition to wider field operations. Having operated in numerous high level HR and Operations roles Lyndsey brings with her an understanding that the people; whether internal or external are the most important elements of any business.

Lyndsey looks after the Student Services team that are responsible for making student dreams a reality and work tirelessly to ensure our graduates have the best job outcomes and prospects. Lyndsey is also responsible for the wider training environment, supporting our Tutor base to offer a world class service to all customers.

Lyndsey is CIPD Level 5 qualified, which enables her in her other accountabilities including leadership of the HR department; supporting internal talent at every juncture to ensure every colleague has the opportunity to realise their full potential.

Her passions include:

  • Her family
  • Her dog!
  • Constantly learning new skills and improving her qualification levels
  • Meeting new people and creating new relationships
  • Growing and supporting her young leaders to realise their potential

Lyndsey's ambitions are for herself and her colleagues to be as successful as possible.

Lyndsey Farnham HR Ops Director

Greg Slade

Head of Commercial

As an experienced leader Greg brings to The Training Room a wealth of core Health & Fitness knowledge, as well as over 10 years performing very senior roles across other key business functions. Having spent many years managing and overseeing successful teams, Greg is now responsible for the wider front end commercial areas of the business.
Greg shares the same vision as that of the business; for The Training Room to be recognised as the best educational provider in each of the sectors within which we train. He firmly believes that teamwork, positivity, hard work and recognition of all staff achievements are the key factors in making any business successful. Greg firmly believes in always providing a very positive and exciting outlook to guide the team to success.
Outside of work, Greg’s main focus is his family. He likes to attend the occasional ‘supercar’ day such as ‘Goodwood, Festival of Speed’ and also likes to socialise with friends.

Greg Slade Head of Commercial

Glyn Hurll


Glyn has worked for The Training Room since 2018, bringing with him 10 years’ marketing experience through a variety of organisations - from small tech start-ups to publicly listed enterprises. He is responsible for all marketing operations including digital, content, customer acquisition and strategic planning to ensure continued success.

Glyn shares a passion for the business’ core values – democratising education and ultimately, careers. He believes innovation is the key to unlocking potential and applies this to both how he engages the market and how he leads his team of talented marketers.
His passions include:
  • Spending time with his young children
  • Innovation and leadership
  • Networking with like-minded digital leaders
  • Travelling and discovering new places
Glyn embraces all things digital and will be implementing various digital programmes to support both The Training Room and our students.
Glyn Hurll

Chris Harrison

head of loans & shared services

Chris has worked for The Training Room since 2014. Prior to joining, Chris enjoyed a varied career in corporate and retail finance, including roles in asset servicing, compliance, and regulated customer services.

As Head of Loans and Shared Services, Chris oversees the teams who provide regulated services, and quality and training to the business to ensure that student journeys are managed within legal and regulatory frameworks and exceed student expectations. 

Passionate about the inclusive and dynamic culture of The Training Room, Chris empowers his teams to deliver the mission of connecting students to the opportunities they deserve.

Outside of work Chris enjoys spending time with his family, getting outdoors, and reading.

Chris Harrison