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Beauty Therapy Success Stories: Sian Cassidy

Sian Cassidy

What did you think of your tutor(s) on the course?

I thought that Tracey was incredible; she was always there for me throughout the duration of the course. Her knowledge and expertise was invaluable in me gaining my qualifications.

What are you doing with your new qualifications?

As soon as I heard about The Training Room’s partnership with the Steiner-The- On- Board- Spa, I just knew that was where I wanted to end up working. At first I was daunted by the amount of work on the course, and I was worried that my ambition to work for Steiner might be sidetracked. However, I had my interview for Steiner in August and I am absolutely thrilled to say that I got the job, and I’m just starting my career as a Massage Therapist on a cruise ship!

What would your advice be to somebody considering a course in Beauty Therapy?

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about becoming a Beauty Therapist. There are so many options upon completion as originally I thought that I wanted to go into Beauty Therapy or to be a Makeup Artist, but I’m thrilled to be a Massage Therapist; there are so many areas where you can specialise. Through this course I’ve received high quality training from my tutor, Tracey, and I’ve secured my dream job.

Sian Cassidy