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Beauty Therapy Success Stories: Jemma

Jemma - Beauty Therapy

Why did you do a beauty course with The Training Room?

Ever since I was a teenager I wanted to work in beauty therapy. The idea of helping someone feel good about themselves as my day job sounded great.

I ended up getting a job in retail which became comfortable for 10 years, so I never took the opportunity to do something I actually loved. In 2016 I had a traumatic birth with my daughter and nearly lost my life to sepsis and blood loss. It was then that I realised life is too short and I wanted to do something I enjoyed. I also wanted my daughter to grow up looking up to me, seeing I’m doing something I love, and that she can do the same.

I chose The Training Room as I needed the flexibility that their blended beauty course offered – when I started my course my daughter was just 8 months old, so I needed a way of studying around my family life. I also liked the fact that The Training Room offered an internationally recognised level 3 diploma - a lot of courses I looked at didn’t offer that.

What did you enjoy about the course?

Honestly, I enjoyed everything about the course! It covers everything a beauty therapist would need to know and makes sure you’re prepared to be a professional beauty therapist when you finish the course.
My tutor was great too: soon as she came in she got everyone working as a team and helped us all build up our confidence. The course was difficult at times but our tutor was always there to help us through the difficult parts and even managed to help me pass with a merit!

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of becoming a beauty professional?

Honestly, the course is not easy but it sure is worth it if you want to get into beauty! Taking this course gave me the opportunity at the age of 28, with an 8-month baby to change career and do something I love.

What are you doing now you've finished your course with The Training Room?

I have my own beauty business called Beauty Brows and Lashes and I already have clients line up!